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2 x 72 belts

(VSM Ceramic belts made in Germany) inexpensive but good
TruGrit has, $5 - $7 ea

Start with

Ceramic 36 grit for fast removal
piece will tend to stay cooler

60 grit ceramic - initial shaping
piece will warm

100 grit ceramic
piece will get hot


3M Trizact
Will need belt cleaner
a bit pricey, but last a long time
from TruGrit, about $10 each

120 grit

220 grit


But alternative brand (Red Label)
Also good for mill scale
Red Label Abrasives 2 X 72 Inch Non Woven Surface Conditioning Sanding Belts for Knife Makers and Metal Fabricators - Coarse, Medium, and Fine Grits - 3 Pack Assortment. Set of three about $50 from Amazon
There is also an Extra Fine version

Norton Norax belts
pricey but good
Have to search to find but Texas Knifemaker's Supply regularly carries
Come in up to at least 3000 grit, about $12 per belt.

600 grit

1200 grit

Good for putting edge on a knife

I have belts up to 2000 grit. After that, for polishing steel (or aluminum), I use 3M Trizact disks in 35, 10, and 5 micron grits in a random orbital sander and final polish with 3M Fine Machine Polishing Compound on a buffing wheel. Gives a mirror finish. (But, as I've been told many times, avoid a 'mirror' finish - it shows every flaw. (but done right it's exquisite))

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