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Room Steward: Allon Stern


The Electronics Room provides a space where members can solder, use power supplies, oscilloscopes and small hand tools to build electronics projects, and find resources to help with their projects.


  1. If you don't know how to use a tool or piece of equipment, don't. Some equipment can be damaged through misuse. Refer to the pages here for guidelines for specific operation of these tools and owners of equipment that is on loan to the space.
  2. Clean up when you are finished. Put all hand tools back on the pegboard where they came from, sweep any loose solder, wire pieces, and other detritus from the bench into the trash can.
  3. Leave the equipment powered off. Never leave the soldering iron turned on - it is recommended to turn the large power strip off when you are leaving the space.
  4. Mark any works in progress with your name and phone number. Do not leave works in progress in the lab for an extended period of time without approval. Unmarked projects may be scavenged or tossed.



The electronics room contains a couple of benches with basic equipment, a bookshelf, and parts drawers galore. Not all parts are free for use!

The blue parts bins stacked on the wall contain donated parts. You are free to use these parts, but be a good steward of these resources. If you experiment with a part, unless you are SURE it is undamaged, do not return it back to the bins. Please ask before using large numbers of parts. The intent is that these be available for electronics use, NOT as decorations for art projects (that said, if you need decorations for art projects, there are some select parts that might be suitable for such).

The radio shack bins under the bench belong to Brad Hess. Please consult him for permission before using any of the materials within.

The parts on top of the bookshelf belong to Allon Stern. Please let him know if you need to use any parts - if you need one or two random bits, it's okay but if  you need more than that, please let him know and make arrangements to pay for the parts or replenish them.


TBD: THE EQUIPMENT LIST. This list will detail all the equipment in the room, documenting owners, and operating instructions. 

TBD: Electronics suppliers


MPJA 9333-PS Dual 3A 0-30V/5V@3A Fixed Power Supply Manual is here: 9333ps.pdf Allon Stern 

This will contain the resources in the electronics room.

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