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Page to track plans, tasks, and status for moving the electronics lab from the center room into the back room at the Leesburg building.

Room Prep

  • Remove panelling, damaged framing, damaged drywall (tick)
  • Remove carpet (tick)
  • Replace framing (tick)
  • Move outlets on back wall to bench height (tick)
  • Remove glue from floor (tick)
  • Hand and tape drywall on back wall (in progress)
  • Repair ceiling rails and close in ceiling
  • Chair rail (remove around entire room, or replace piece on back wall
  • Paint (back wall may require priming first as it is fresh drywall) (are we going to be artistic like Brad Hess recommended?
  • Floor trim on back wall and any other damaged spots
  • Paint floor?
  • Install window A/C unit

Equipment Removal

Items that were moved out of the room need to find a home or be disposed of

  • Copier/printer (broken?  recycling event or take-apart day) (tick)
  • 2 drawer safe (tick)
  • Aluminum shelving rack on wheels
  • Flooring (tick)
  • 2 window A/C units (use one in this room?)
  • Rework station (is this staying in the electronic room?)

Move and Install Equipment

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