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The Longer Orange10 is an SLA Printer which prints from a vat of liquid resin versus using a hot end and plastic filament. 

This is the printer we have -

This printer is good, but it is a low end SLA printer with some drawbacks. The print bed is a little harder to settle in on the Z than the Elegoo. There are four screws that all need to be loosened. You then hit the Set-Z button and it goes onto a piece of paper over the LCD display and you tighten the screws. but with the four of them, you want to be careful not to tighten them each fully until you have tightened them all a little. It tends to pull one side up. With some practice, I think it will be easy enough to do. The initial test I did had some excess resin on the first layer and the first few layers were a little thinner than they should be.

As far as items that you will need for using the Longer, they are about the same. You can use either the Manufacturer's Slicer, or you can now use Chitubox with the Longer Plug-in.

ChituBox - - You need to create an account

Longer Orange 10 -

That Google Drive share has all of the files that you will need.

  • Under Slicer Software grab
    • LONGER 3D Slicer 1.3.msi (If you want to use their software)
    • LongerWareSetup V1.33-Orange LCD SLA 3D Printer-Windows-64bit.exe (Haven't run this yet, may not be needed)
    • Don't get Chitubox from there, go to the regular site and get the current one.
  • In the folder CHITUBOX1.6.1-plugin-longer3d-orange10

    • Longer3d-Orange10-Windows64bit-V1.4.CHplugin (you may have to remove the two Chinese characters from the end of the plugin file name)


  • Install Chitubox
  • On the right side is settings, In the upper left of that dialog box, click the "+" to add a printer and select the Longer Orange 10
  • On the left top menu button/help/plugins/Import
  • Find the plugin file you downloaded.
  • Restart Chitubox
  • Put a test item on the bed
  • click slice
  • Click Save. Check the file, it should be an LGS extension

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