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  • Support T251 with any needs, if we can, but also provide to the troop opportunities for service to our organization.
2018-03-14 Meeting notes
  • To the broader scouting community, provide outreach in the form of merit badge counseling, scout-oriented programming (scout focused open house? pinewood derby build night?, support for eagle projects that may touch on Maker skills).
2018-03-14 Meeting notes
  • The goal is to remain cash neutral (the troop should handle their own finances, and any classes should also charge sufficient to cover costs) but a small budget line to cover unforeseen expenses, seed projects, and offer scholarship to needy individuals for Makersmiths based scout programs is a goal.
2018-03-14 Meeting notes
  • Explore offering to send a Troop 251 scout to NYLT each year, once we have the money.
2018-03-14 Meeting notes
  • Engage with the Girl Scouting community within MS and outwards.
2018-03-14 Meeting notes

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2018-03-14 Meeting notesAllon SternMar 14, 2018
09-07-2016 Meeting NotesMark R MillsapSep 09, 2016

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