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Formally established at the 2021-02-24 Meeting of the Board of Directors

Mandate: Facilitate membership in Makersmiths, Inc. including, but not limited to:

  • Staffing regular hours at each location for the purpose of providing tours to prospective members
  • Supporting the process of members sign-up and integration
  • Representing the general membership to the Board of Directors
  • Supporting the efforts of the Marketing Committee and in recruitment efforts

See the #membership-committee channel on Slack or the website to share ideas, make suggestions, and to participate.


Anthony Lesink (MS-P Open House/tour emergency backup only)

Bryan Boston

Ian Dillingham

Jen Barlev

Jennifer Chu

Jessee Maloney

Petina Mooney

Saadiq Hasan

Scott Newman (Chair)

Stosh Kowalski

Wyatt Banks

Meeting schedule:

Monthly on the Sunday between the Monthly Board Meeting (normally the last Wednesday of the month) and the Monthly Membership Meeting (usually the first Wednesday of the month) at 7PM. See the #membership-committee Slack channel for up to the minute details.

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