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Makersmiths is a member based non-profit organization.  Becoming a member is an easy process

Step 1

Come by the space during one of our open house hours on Tuesday and Thursday night.  Check out our meetup page here to confirm we are having a open working hours.  


Checkout our door status twitter feed and stop by when the door is open

If you want bring a project that you want to work on.  During open hours guests can use the tools or have a member perform red/yellow tool work for them.  

Step 2

Register for a New Member Orientation session.  These are posted on meetup or you can ask a member when the next session is

Step 3

Register at

You can register as one of two types of members:

Guest Members:

    • Invitations to our events.
    • Receive our periodic Newsletters keeping you informed of what's happening here, new projects and events.
    • Use of space at invitation of Associate or Full Members.
    • Can pay online for classes, workshops, tool time, etc.

Associate Members:

    • All of the Guest Member benefits noted above.
    • Special Discounts on classes, workshops, materials and tool use time like discounts on use of laser cutter.
    • Can bring along friends and other guests.
    • Use of Member Storage cubbies.
    • Mentorship by a Full Member who can answer most all of your questions and concerns.
    • Use of space anytime a Full Member is present
    • Use of all our tools (subject to safety and training requirements)

Step 4

Once you have been an associate member for awhile and decide that makersmiths is the right place for you come to one of our monthly membership meetings which are held on the first wednesday of the month and ask to be voted in as a full member.  Full membership includes:

    • $100 and 2 hours volunteer time(per month)
    • Full 24/7 access to makerspace when it launches
    • 25% discounts on classes
    • Additional discounts may be available for donating additional volunteer hours per month
    • Family members and children discounts available



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