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For more info check out the #specialevents channel on Slack.  Individual projects/events may have their own channel, but that's a good place to start.

Committee Members

Chair: Mike Werling



This committee helps to identify and organize events that benefit the makerspace.  

Each event will have a specific member coordinator who is responsible for assembling a team of volunteers and coordinating the execution of the event. The committee membership is not responsible for the detailed planning/execution of the project, except where a member of the committee has volunteered to be the coordinator or a participant.  The responsiblities of this committee include:

  • Identify new opportunities for special events, as identified by the membership through Slack, meetings, or other communications
  • Track the progress of the event through completion
  • Assisting the event coordinator to identify Makersmiths resources available to help complete the project
  • Assist the event coordinator with communications to the membership and/or Board of Directors as needed
  • Reporting on the status of all projects at membership meetings


Any new event or project is raised to the committee chair via e-mail or Slack. All events/projects must benefit or promote Makersmiths or support outreach to the community.

The member works with the chair to communicate the event to the membership and determine interest.  

If there is interest from the membership to pursue the event the committee chair selects a volunteer to chair the event.  The event chair is responsible for coordinating planning, execution, and reporting on the event/project.  The committee chair also adds the event to the Makersmiths calendar ( with the prefix "Event:" and a description of what we are doing at the event.

The committee chair adds the event to the Makersmiths Master Calendar

The event chair works with the committee chair to define the event and start a wiki page for the event <template TBD>.  The page documents all relevant links, points of contact, description, and other information relevant to the overall event.  

If there are any costs associated with the event the event chair raises those costs to the board for approval.

The event chair coordinates volunteers to work on the event/project and clearly sets out expectations and requirements.

Once the event or project is complete the event chair updates the wiki page with a retrospective to describe how the event went, who volunteered, and what went right/wrong.  The event chair should coordinate with the outreach committee to post pictures and/or a blog post to the Makersmiths social media channels.

Support Items

Many special events are exhibits, shows, or community events where we have the opportunity to promote Makersmiths.  We are working to build a set of items that belong to the space (through donations or purchase) and are available to any member organizing an event.  This way we don't have to solicit projects and equipment from the membership each time we have an event.  This effort is being referred to as "Makersmiths In A Box".  Discussion about the project can be found in the #makersmiths_in_a_box channel on Slack.  Plans, inventory, and wishlist are on the wiki page.


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