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This page will help to keep track of who has been trained to use the makersmiths tools.  

Woodshop Tools

  • Brad Hess
  • Tim Gregory
  • Allon Stern
  • Sean Sheedy
  • Pat Scannell
  • Christa Stern
  • Amie White
  • Matt Hines
  • Todd (Tech-Rat)
  • Mike Werling
  • Mark Millsap

  • Mark White
  • Craig Selwitz
  • Ralph Pugh
  • Mike Tomlin
  • Jon Armstrong


Laser Cutter?

  • Bryan Boston
  • Ralph Pugh
  • Brandon Bullis


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  1. Is there going to be a broken down list of red tools that a person is signed off on and not just Woodshop Tools?

    Is this the location where the sign off info needs to be?

  2. Can I be added to this list? I have taken the red tool class

  3. I attended the Red Tool training on 4/23/18. Could I also please be added to the list. Thanks, Jon

  4. The training list and preparing for more marketing choice and implementing the wonderful woodshop tools always. More laser cutter and perfect choice for great woodshop techniques and tips.