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We participated in this event in 2016.  It is an interesting opportunity for outreach.


Mike Werling did this item solo.  While this is a good event for the maker movement in general there is limited benefit directly to Makersmiths.  Participation in future events should be considered with that in mind.

Lessons learned:

  • Find out how big the space is ahead of time, the table was very small and hard to lay out our stuff
  • Having the portable/wheeled box was good since the trip was made on the metro.  Consider that for "Makersmiths in a Box".  However, the box I picked didn't fit through the security scanner
  • Interactive displays are better than static projects.  How can we make things more interactive and still highlight the capabilities of the space?

Event Plan

Set up starts at 4:00, we can arrive a little early to get through security.