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If an event needs more space for coordination create a child page with the title in the format: MMDD - Event Name - Event Chair, then link to the page from the event name below.


DateEvent NameNotes/DescriptionEvent ChairAdded to Calendar?
1/29STEAM Family NightTuesday, January 29, 2018 from 6:00-- 8:00 pm at Leesburg Elementary. Need an activity that involves the participants in making/doing something.
Note, we missed the reply window, so don't think we can participate.

2/24Loudoun Grown ExpoIn Purcellville. Diane brought Tom the suitcase and other items to display. Ralph Pugh will work with Tom to man the table.Tom HYes
3/14Loudoun Science and Engineering FairAllon Stern and Tom McHugh will represent Makersmiths as judges and award our Maker Award. See for details concerning judging.AllonX
3/21Loudoun County Public Schools Student Maker ShowcaseNick Grzeda ( is looking for a Makersmiths display table for this event that will run from 5:30-7:30 PM. In the event of a weather cancellation, it will be help 3/28/19. See Ralph Pugh expressed interest. Laura Ogelman will bring her son, Soren, to the event to share the KidWind Middle School team wind turbine. Anyone else joining them?RalphX
3/26Loudoun Student Environmental Action ShowcaseThis event is from 5-8 pm at Heritage HS in Leesburg - learn more at  The event is to showcase "student-created exhibitions of environmentally-themed projects and ongoing activities."  They are looking for "local nonprofits, government agencies, and other Community Partners to provide hands-on environmental Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) learning activities and discuss volunteer and career opportunities."  Is this something Makersmiths would be interested in? Need to register by 3/6. There is no cost to participate in this event. Information shared by Jennifer Chu.TBD 
04/27-4/28Leesburg Flower & Garden FestivalWell attended event. In 2018 we had a booth in the non-profit area by the post office in Leesburg. Great opportunity for outreach to the local Leesburg area. Application submitted by Mark for non-profit booth..Mark MX


Purcellville Music and Arts 
6/1Relay for LifeAt The Villages of Leesburg (Wegman's) from noon until 10pm with setup time on either side. Please volunteer using the signup genius link NetschX
6/2NOVA Maker FaireAt George MasonTBD 
07/04Purcellville 4th of July paradeDo we plan on entering the parade, and are we going to continue with the barrel train?  
9/28-9/29Rust Library How To FestivalOpportunity to have an educational booth - how to. More detail requested from organizer.

09/?Bluemont FairWe have attended for two years, the fair orgainizer Lori Seely knows we don't have the barrel train, but has offered a booth to exhibit/show stuff.

10/5Joshua's HandsCharity event. We can have a booth, but no sales or donations unless they go to the Joshua's Hands organization

10/?SterlingFestWe should find out more information and determine if we want to participate. 10,000 people attend this events so it would be a good audience to promote Makersmiths for getting new members. Suggested by Mark M.

10/?Purcellville Tag SaleOpportunity to sell surplus items and generate funds for the space