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DateEvent NameNotes/DescriptionEvent ChairAdded to Calendar?
1/29STEAM Family NightTuesday, January 29, 2018 from 6:00-- 8:00 pm at Leesburg Elementary. Need an activity that involves the participants in making/doing something.
Note, we missed the reply window, so don't think we can participate.

2/24Loudoun Grown ExpoIn Purcellville. Diane brought Tom the suitcase and other items to display. Ralph Pugh will work with Tom to man the table.Tom HYes
3/14Loudoun Science and Engineering FairAllon Stern and Tom McHugh will represent Makersmiths as judges and award our Maker Award. See for details concerning judging.AllonX
3/21Loudoun County Public Schools Student Maker ShowcaseNick Grzeda ( is looking for a Makersmiths display table for this event that will run from 5:30-7:30 PM. In the event of a weather cancellation, it will be help 3/28/19. See Ralph Pugh expressed interest. Laura Ogelman will bring her son, Soren, to the event to share the KidWind Middle School team wind turbine. Anyone else joining them?RalphX
3/26Loudoun Student Environmental Action ShowcaseThis event is from 5-8 pm at Heritage HS in Leesburg - learn more at  The event is to showcase "student-created exhibitions of environmentally-themed projects and ongoing activities."  They are looking for "local nonprofits, government agencies, and other Community Partners to provide hands-on environmental Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) learning activities and discuss volunteer and career opportunities."  Is this something Makersmiths would be interested in? Need to register by 3/6. There is no cost to participate in this event. Information shared by Jennifer Chu.TBD 
04/27-4/28Leesburg Flower & Garden FestivalWell attended event. In 2018 we had a booth in the non-profit area by the post office in Leesburg. Great opportunity for outreach to the local Leesburg area. Application submitted by Mark for non-profit booth..Mark MX


Purcellville Music and Arts 
6/1Relay for LifeAt The Villages of Leesburg (Wegman's) from noon until 10pm with setup time on either side. Please volunteer using the signup genius link NetschX
6/2NOVA Maker FaireAt George MasonTBD 
07/04Purcellville 4th of July paradeDo we plan on entering the parade, and are we going to continue with the barrel train?  
9/28-9/29Rust Library How To FestivalOpportunity to have an educational booth - Dave and Diane spoke with with Allyson Frick at 3PM on July 23. Dave will demo his desktop CNC and Diane will make soap from 10:30-11:30am on Saturday Sept 28 in their community meeting room. There will be other demonstrations on How-to-Make but they will be by other groups/organizations. The purpose is to encourage folks to visit all parts of the library including its maker space. We asked if we could set up a static information table with examples of items made by Makersmiths and they said. They will get back to us to see if we can invite more Makersmiths members to demo a making project in the afternoon of the 28th or afternoon of the 29th (timeframe would be 1-5pm).Diane Painter
09/?Bluemont FairWe have attended for two years, the fair orgainizer organizer Lori Seely knows we don't have a tractor to pull the barrel train, but has offered a booth to exhibit/show stuff.

10/5Joshua's HandsCharity event. We can have a booth, but no sales or donations unless they go to the Joshua's Hands organization

10/12Boo at the ZooThis event supports the Arc of Northern Shenandoah Valley that provides information and services to families with children who have special needs. It is held at Wilson's Wild Animal Park west of Berryville, just off Rt 50. For the last two years we ran our barrel train as one of the activities and this gave us publicity as a non-profit that supports community events. Diane is in touch with Keith Wilson who is checking to see if the Arc will again provide a tractor for us to use, then we could bring our barrel train. We have two members (Megan and Jace) interested in helping us spruce up the cars for the event.Diane Painter
10/?SterlingFestWe should find out more information and determine if we want to participate. 10,000 people attend this events so it would be a good audience to promote Makersmiths for getting new members. Suggested by Mark M.

10/?Purcellville Tag SaleOpportunity to sell surplus items and generate funds for the space