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There is work on updating how to use the 3D printers, so please reference the 3d Printer Room Plans for more information

Children Display

To Get Help

Post a message to the #3dprinting Slack Channel.

Safety Rules

Do not leave your print unattendedWatch your print at all times. Things can go horribly wrong quickly.
Use care around heated beds and hot ends3D printers use heat had have HOT parts

Watch your spool for jams

Jammed filament ain't no fun for nobody.

When things go horribly wrong tell someone

If we know what happened we have a better chance to fix it...or prevent it next time.

Use care around heated beds and hot ends

3D printing uses heat. Heated beds can be up to 100°C and hot ends up to 250°C. If not careful you will get burned.

Do not attempt to adjust the printers

If you don't know what you're doing you can cause more harm than good. There is a support contact for each printer, or post your issue to the #3dprinting Slack channel.

Do not change the printer's EEPROM settings

Your changes may work for you but mess it up for others. 

Keep metal objects (spatulas, pliers) away from the nozzle

Metal tools can scratch or damage soft brass print nozzles and other parts.

Cancel your job immediately in case of unusual noises or smells!

Use common sense...if it sounds like ball bearings in a washing machine then it's probably not working right.
When (not if) the printer breaks...
  • Unplug it
  • Place a note on it
  • Let us know through  the #3dprinting Slack channel
  • ...and don't sweat it. Printers break all the time.