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(please submit agenda items to membership president by first day of the month)


Meetings are held on first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM, all are welcome

  1. New Faces / New Member Introductions - Please give us a 30 second 'elevator pitch' introduction (What brings you to Makersmiths? Interests? Your background or profession? Etc.?)
    1. First NameLast NameDate Joined



  2. Associates to Full Members
    1. Jim Waldron
    2. Ian Schue
    3. Maggie and Jason
    4. Tim Swanson
  3. Membership
    1. 140 members (+12 from last month)
    2. 72.5 FTE memberships (63 FTE last month, +9.5 FTE)
    3. 138 active members 
    4. 13 new members in last 30 days, 5 new members in last 7 days

  4. Other Issues
    1. Jim Cottone on Intellectual Property Ownership
      1. Make sure Makersmiths does not assert ownership of property
      2. Co-inventorship, language
      3. Proposed words to add to the waiver
      4. Jim W: do we need to incorporate copyright language into the.  Jim C., not needed - copyright is automatic to the person who generates the work
    2. Ian Shue on Task Lists
      1. How to represent?  Physical list is good, can we set up an easel with tasks on it?
      2. Chores - cleaning, restock
      3. Michael and Ian to take point
    3. Collage
  5. Committees:
    1. John D:
      1. Treasurer - financial review on the calendar, all welcome to participate.  Let John know if you are coming.
      2. Scheduling - next Tues at 7 meeting
      3. Moving off of meetup, still in progress
      4. New member orientation on the 18th.  Sign up by the 17th and get a t-shirt
      5. Committee meeting next Wed
    2. Special Events
      1. Garden show status?
    3. Education
      1. 100 Women Strong grant - in progress
      2. Kid Wind is proceeding well. Competition on March 15th
      3. Table at the Teacher's Maker Faire
      4. Gift basket/silent auction ideas to put together a basket of made items.  Opportunity to promote both the space and individual artists.
        1. Set up a donation bin, some place with date and event
        2. Can we put together a "Made at Makersmiths" item?  Maggie volunteered to make one
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