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59 Members total, but 21 need attention due to overdue dues

Treasurers Report

  • Income 4200
  • Expenses 3452
  • Cash ~25000
  • A/R 1400

Discussed the donation of large wood shop equipment donation and the need to have help once the move of this stuff is approved

Purcellville Space

Tom Hill gave an update on the Purcellville space.  Updated group on Pat and other presenting at the town council.  

Equipment Status

Want to open space as soon as possible.

  • Shopsmith Status  (Brad will take on in April)
  • Move of the CNC machines (Brad will take on in the next couple weeks)

Technology Upgrade

Technology Infrastructure

Infrastructure upgrades

  • Invested in new switch
  • Storage area network is now setup in the closet
    • Centralized storage location for business operations documents
    • Provide each member with their own home space and storage
    • Provides the ability to run virtual machines 
      • Security applications
    • Consolidation of the excel spreadsheets into wild apricot for member management
  • Wild Apricot up and running

Monday nights are the Technology Meetings starting at 6pm

Switched to new upgraded email service at rackspace instead of the KM mail service

Starting the use wild apricot for publishing of events 

Program Updates

  • 501(c)3 application status - about to be filled
    • Pat 
    • Colleen
    • Matt raised a question about if we can review the content
  • Maker Faire - Booth at March 13th 
    • I will putout a signup sheet for shifts
    • Will put up a planning meeting for Sunday or Monday
  • Science Fair Judging 
    • Allon judging for the Maker Award for a student 
    • Six month membership to the makerspace
  • Workshops
    • Request for help on Robotics workshop
    • April 3rd 1pm wood shop training 5 people 
  • Discussed boy scout and girl scout meetings
    • Possibility of one Sat/Sunday at a set interval that can be used for Kids groups
  • T Shirts
    • 2015 t-shirts
    • Need design for 2016 t shirts
  • Corporate Members
    • BAE is now corporate member sponsors
    • K2M makersmiths lunch and learn for Monday
      • What type of mill does K2M need?
  • Update on the King street location
  • New Members
    • Eddie Ferrufino - BAE Corporate Member
    • Peter Paguette - BAE Corporate Member - New Board Member
    • Aimee Kratts - voted in as a full member
    • Todd Riesz - Voted up as full member
    • Joshua Palay - Associate member
  • Talked about having open shop hours for associate members
    • Elena will get calendar setup having people sign up for shifts
  • Matt
    • HacDC has participated in the United States Science and Engineering has setup 2 or 3 tables
    • Usual cost is 1000-2000
    • Requested that makersmiths participant
    • Bring promotional materials 
      • Need people to man the table
    • April 16-17th







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