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Mark Millsap



Nomination of Brad Hess to the board:



Pat - Y

Julia - Y

Knute - Y

Brandon -Y By email


Membership update

Mark gave update on membership (will include in notes once he send over)

Two corporate memberships BAE  (20k Sponsorship)

K2M check deposited (6 flex memberships 10k for year)

Discussion about filling taxes for 2015.  

  •  2015 taxes are due in June.  
  • Colleen will putting these together.  
  • Filling as a VA non-stock corporation for 2015.

Pat will send the tax information for us to review ASAP.  Things that may need to happen

  • Adding in items from School factory
  • Need to review amount spent
  • Need to review amount collected.

Decision was made to get 2015 taxes done correctly and have someone do them for us.  Taxes come over the 501.3c submission at this time.


Need to formalize rules about check signatures and controls






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