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Event Overview

Date: April 21, 22 2018

Location: Downtown Leesburg

More info:

Leesburg closes Rt. 7 and 15, as well as other streets, in downtown and hosts over 150 vendors.  We have been approved as a non-profit exhibitor and will have a booth during the show.  Thousands of people turn out for this event.  This is a large, well attended event.  We have the opportunity to reach many people in the community who do not know of our space.  Our booth is non-profit, so we cannot sell any items in the booth.

Event Plan

  Due to the large number of attendees we will not have a hands-on craft or take-away; we will have brochures and other information to hand out, and some of the projects may be interactive.  The booth should have projects that show the variety of capabilities of our organization.

We will have signage describing how to get from the booth to Makersmiths, for those who want to go see the space and get a tour.  We will have hand-outs describing the organization and membership.

We will show 3 types of projects in our booth:

  • Exhibits: cool projects that highlight some maker capability
  • Classes: samples of items and the opportunity for the attendee to sign up for a class at the space (Royal St. or Pucellville) to make a similar item
  • For sale items: A sample item made by a member that can be purchased; items will be for sale at the space.  Limited number of these, based on the available space and volunteers to staff the space

Items could be in more than one category, for example laser cut garden markers where there are some for sale and also the opportunity for people to make their own.  Multiple items of the same type from different makers are fine, as long as there is other variety.

Items do not have to be garden related, however that is a plus (particularly for items that are for sale).  Our focus is to show the capabilities of Makersmiths and our members.

The maker of each item is responsible for

  • providing the sample item to the event chair
  • Completing a Project Profile sheet (template TBD) that will be displayed with the item
  • Putting one or more classes on the schedule to promote (if applicable)
  • Making and pricing items to be sold out of the space
ItemMakerType (exhibit, class, sale)Short Description
Makersmiths BrocuresMike W Hand-outs for attendees, probably our regular trifold brochure. With help from Christa S.
Folding table(s)Mike W  
CanopyMike W  
Table-clothJessee M  
Poster with directions to MS-LMike W  
Sign up sheetMike W 

Sheet for interest, capture name, e-mail address. Also space for them to write in classes they are intersted based on projects in booth

Class scheduleMikeW List of upcoming classes and events (soap making, laser, quilt Sundays, craft night, woodshop night, open house)
Cards with directions to MS-LMike W May be too costly, have to rely on the tri-fold as only handout.
PhotoBoothMike WexhibitRaspberry pi based camera that takes attendees' picture. They can type in their e-mail address and the picture will be sent to them. The e-mail will include information and links for Makersmiths.
Paper FlowersErin WclassPaper flowers hung on a banner as a backdrop for the photo booth, also as props for people to hold in their picture.
Fabric basketsErin Wclass 
Cow train carMark MexhibitBring one of the cow train cars from Purcellville to display in the booth. Need some pictures of the train in operation.
Rope bowlJessee Mclass 
Garden MarkersDiane P, Tami SSales 
Turned wooden rattleMike WexhibitAlso a couple small bowls
Hand made soapDiane Pclass, sale? 
Garden Box<TBD> Do we have any of the projects the Girl Scouts made? None available, have some pictures and coudl do a descriptive sign.
3D Printed projectMike W 

Small planter w/ feet


Vinyl Project<TBD> Any good ideas? Some applique art or something else using the vinyl cutter?
Laser etch coastersMike WclassSome of the coasters that Skip bought, etched with plant pics. Arrange something similar to the pumpkin carving where people can come get a set with their own artwork.
Sparkfun Simon gameMike WclassDemonstration of a learn to solder class. Plus something people can play with in the booth.

The event chair will make an inventory of all items to be displayed in the booth.  However, this is a busy event with multiple days and shifts of people working.  We will do our best to make sure nothing disappears; be aware that there is some risk to putting your item in the booth.


Sale Policy:

Members are welcome to sell items they have made.  Sales will be done in the space.  A sample item can be provided to have in the booth and help point visitors to the space (include a description).

This is like a craft fair.  Sellers are independent and not selling as representatives of Makersmiths.  Sellers need their own way to collect money/make change.  Sellers should let Mike Werling know they plan on selling so he can make sure there is enough room set up.

Schedule and Volunteers

Friday 4/20: People selling items are welcome to set up (if you are not a full member coordinate with Mike W on a specific time).  When we have a final list of who is sellinge we will work out table space in the main room.

Saturday 4/21: 08:30 is the offical time for booth set up, Mike W will be doing set up.  The show starts at 10am and goes until 6pm.  Mike W will take all booth items and pack in the car for overnight so nothing is left out in the booth

Sunday 4/22: Mike W. will re-set the booth before start.  Show goes from 10am until 5pm.  Mike W will be there at 5 to tear down the booth (helpers welcome)

Volunteers can sign up at  We need at least one person per 2 hour block per site (booth or Royal Street), people are welcome to volunteer for more than one block.  If we can have 2 people per block that makes it easier.  

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