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Resolution of Appreciation for Pat Scannell who recently resigned as Chairman of Board

Report from Pat

    • Youth Maker Innovation Challenge
      • What is it?
      • What impacts it will have on us?
      • When?



  • 52 total members
  • 20 bundles / 40 active / 4 Renewal Overdue / 2 Pending New / 9 Renewal Pending


Royal St

  • Lease signed / Start July 1st
  • Going thru stuff / trash / What to sell
  • Sorting good stuff
  • Need buyoff from Ted
  • Stuff to move from here not going to Royal: robot arm, mill, big table, S.B. lathe
  • Will build new tables
  • Working Makerspace - Mid to Late July



  • Work Days - Wednesdays and Weekends
  • Delayed opening due to lack of action from DVP / electricity
  • Cleaning up and making improvements
  • Have Tee Shirt or Sign from Kickstarter


4th of July

  • Mike Fistler is working on a cow train - asked for help and support of members to make a car that makes up train


501(c)3 Status

  • We are now a certified non-profit organization - Yea!


New Members - Folks are confused with On-Boarding process, asking for help

Web Site - Folks are not happy with state of web site, asking for change

Board of Directors - Working on elections, pay for classes policy --> up to 50% of fee shared with instructor after membership dues are paid

Policies Needed - Youth / Waivers / iPads for Waivers / iPads



  • June 14th - Inspire Loudoun - Maker Fair for Teachers - we have been given / signed up for a table - Mark / Pam / Erin to man table
  • Berryville Hamfest - 1st Sunday in August - we will be going and tanking stuff from Royal and Berryville to sell and make money
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