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(please submit agenda items to membership president by first day of the month)



Meetings are held on first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM, all are welcome

  1. New Faces / New Member Introductions - Please give us a 30 second 'elevator pitch' introduction (What brings you to Makersmiths? Interests? Your background or profession? Etc.?)
    1. Ken, Jen, and Shane - joined in June. Lives in Leesburg.  Painted classroom in Leesburg space.
    2. Tanya - joined in June/July.  Is a teacher.

  2. Associates to Full Members
    1. tanya coutes voted in as full
    2. Ken voted in as full

  3. Membership
    1. 117 members, 72 voting members --> 24 members needed to make a quorum  (See Section 5.6.4 of Bylaws)
    2. 53.5 FTE memberships (.5 more than last month) 
    3. 102 active members
    4. 7 new members in last 30 days, 1 new members in last 7 days

  4. Board of Directors Elections
      1. Brandon will stay on as Secretary

  5. Board of Directors Report - Brandon or Brad
    1. Will put info on wiki so that it's transparent and everyone knows what's going on.
    2. Printer lease instead of maintaining printers ourselves
    3. Create more classes so that instructors and Makersmith can get cut.  
      1. Instructor will no longer be able to use class proceeds to pay for monthly membership (too complicated) 
    4. Finances - June lost a bit of money

  6. Committee Reports
    1. New Member Orientation Committee (Chairperson John Dubelko) - Now established and will meet 2nd & 3rd Wed of the month in Leesburg (will alternate locations).  Will order T-shirts soon.  Will order RFID badges; please schedule for photo to be taken.
    2. Membership Committee (Chairperson Jessee M) - will pass it onto someone else
    3. Social Outreach Committee:  (Chairperson Jessee M) - need more members on committee.  
    4. Leesburg Facility Committee (Chairperson Brad Hess)
      1. Talked to owner about roof leaks.  Once it's cooler, owner will have roof tarred.  For now, owner will just keep gutters cleared to prevent ponding on roof.
      2. AC is working great!  Possibly install floor unit in Woodworking room by lathe.
      3. CNC is up and running.  Classes will be coming in a week and a half to members first, then associates.  Only 2-3 students per class.  Try to have a project planned for each class.
    5. Purcellville Facility Committee (Chairperson TBD)
      1. Lights installed in Ceramics shop.
      2. AC now installed in classroom in lower building.
      3. Painting started in classroom.  Need volunteers to finish painting.
      4. Kiln sitter device is not working; need some parts to fix.  For $300, can put a wifi sensor on it so you don't have to sit and watch the kiln.
    6. Training Committee (Chairperson TBD) --> changed to Scheduling Committee 
      1. Create scheduling platform to allow members to easily find & schedule classes.  Maybe use a Google Form.  
      2. Tentatively committee will meet this Saturday.
    7. Special Projects / Events Committee (Chairperson Mike Werling)
      1. Congressional Maker Faire - June 12 - Mike W.
      2. First Fridays - Erin W.
      3. Round Hill Festival - Diane
      4. Purcellville Music and Arts Festival - Tom H.
      5. Booth in a Box - 
        1. Concept that Mike W. and other have suggested; that we create A) an indoor booth in a box with minimum pieces in order to put up an appearance, I.E.  tablecloth with logo on front, folding backdrop with pictures on velcro, something blinky and noisy to attract attention and good way to capture names, email address and phone numbers of potential contacts and B) an outdoor booth in a box with 10x10 pop-up, portable table with tablecloth with logo on front, folding backdrop with pictures on velcro, something blinky and noisy to attract attention and good way to capture names, email address and phone numbers of potential contacts.
        2. Allon has 10x10 pop-up but it needs a new top
        3. Brad has 10x10 pop-up with top (frame is damaged, but top is reusable)
        4. Volunteers for coordinating A) indoor box and B) outdoor box - _________________________________________ and  ___________________________________________
      6. Loudoun County Fair - in July - too late to organize a table
      7. Ham Fest - in August
      8. Charity Bingo at Crooked Run  - in September - Brad/John D
      9. NOVA Labs - upcoming meeting to discuss potential collaboration
      10. Tyler/Mike started sorting through Leesburg basement stuff for potential sale.  
        1. Members get first dibs and a discount.  Will send notification to membership on wiki (members can put their name down to claim an item).  Potentially use a Google Form so it's always up-to-date.  
        2. Tyler will be at space M-F 9-3 sorting.  Mike will set up a separate chime for downstairs so Tyler will know whether someone came in.  Need to check age limit to be able to open up the space.
        3. VA Tech Maker Festival event - in November 3rd, 10 am to 3 pm - in Falls Church
    8. Signage Committee (Chairperson Mark Millsap) - Brad made new sign
    9. Educational Programs Committee - (Chairperson Diane) - 
      1. Diane took class and am now certified to teach Fundamentals Express (coding program)
      2. Kid Wind Challenge - JMU - assemble kits for wind turbines
      3. Advanced Kid Wind Challenge - high school team that build turbines - at Shenandoah U in March; winner go on to national competition
      4. Creepy Bot classes - assemble kits.  Potentially want to have kids move on to larger events (e.g. VA Tech Maker Festival).
    10. Welding area project - Skip
      1. Welding is important.  Everyone who comes in, asks about welding.
      2. Funding
        1. Use class funds to fund it 
          1. Can use 110V MIG welder to hold classes.  
          2. Brad spoke with HP Data to borrow their parking spaces on nights/weekends.
          3. Use sign-in sheets.  Target class advertising to those who noted that they were interested in welding.
        2. Paint Night?
        3. Ask the Board, but the Board doesn't have a lot of money.
        4. Auction off barrel tanks/carts - might not sell (2 carts have been on Craigslist for a couple of months)
    11. Donation of fully retractable, projection screen for Leesburg (ask Mike)
      1. Do we want it?  Yes
      2. Where to put it? Put it in main room?
      3. Jackson might have spare projector.
    12. Donations
      1. Need to ask permission from owner of room where donation will go.
      2. Then John (Treasurer) needs to approve.

  7. Member Submitted feedback/issues/agenda items
    1. Forth of July Purcellville Parade & Barrel Train - Dave P.
    2. Berryville Hamfest? - Allon
    3. Inspire Loudoun - June 18th at Riverside HS - Diane P.
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