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  1. Approval of last month's meeting minutes - No objections

  1. Member Submitted feedback/issues/agenda items

    1. Pam Markle - Cow Train Kudos - Pam not in attendance, Mike F. let us know present and future plans for cow train, ultimately ending in auction of train cars to pay for materials and leftovers will be donated to Makersmiths.

  1. Membership - Mark M.

    1. Total numbers = 49 members, 43 active, 21 paying entities - Sean Sheey was in attendance and let us know he’s re-activating his membership.  Bryan Bolston is also re-activating his membership come August 1st

  1. Treasurer's Report - John D. - About $14K in bank.  “Not as much as you think. . .”

  1. Membership policy updates

    1. Policy regarding storage of personal items @ Royal (until soft opening) - No Storage

    2. Organizational Structure - John D. presentation - Presented draft org chart

    3. Financial Controls - John D. presentation - Talked about draft procedures

  1. Signage Presentation & Decision - Pam Markle - Skipped due to not in attendance.  Three types of signage to be considered at later date; shingle, face of building and sandwich boards

  1. Instructor Reimbursement - Proposed Revision - John D. presentation - 50% of proceeds after monthly dues are paid.

  1. Articles of Incorporation Presentation - Mark M. presentation - Have three copies for anyone who wants them (no takers)

  1. By-Laws Presentation - Mark M. presentation - Have three copies for anyone who wants them (no takers)

  1. Formation of New Committees - Who wants to be on which committees?

  1. New Member Orientation Committee - Onboarding

  1. Membership Committee - New membership drive

  1. Social Outreach Committee - Web / Print / Social Media coordination - Jessee agreed to work on this committee.  There were no others that identified themselves to me (Mark) during or after member meeting.

  1. Makersmiths Purcellville Work Day - Saturday July 15th - Mike F. indicated list will be on Facebook, start at 9:00 am and end at ~3:00 pm.

  1. Makersmiths Leesburg Work Day - Saturday July 15th - Brad indicated list is on wiki, mostly continuing to sort and do dumpster runs.

  1. Board of Directors - Dave Painter, Brad Hess, Brandon Bullis, Pat Scannell, Julie Ravas

    1. Next BOD meeting - morning of July 22nd, location - TBD

    2. Resignation and status of Pat Scannell position on BOD

    3. Approval of budget thru end of year

    4. Approval of proposed new policies

      1. Organizational Structure

      2. Financial Controls

      3. Procedure for approval of non-budgeted expenditures

  2. Pam M. came and tried to do a Signage presentation.  Did let us know there are lots of restrictions / regulations by both TOP and TOL and County.  Digressed into everyone trying to say how they wanted signage to be designed / appear.  Brad decided to defer to new committee that he would chair.
  1. Squirrl agreed to lead us for Potluck lunch on August 5th.  Everyone thought that was a great idea.

This is my recollection of notes and items / issues discussed at meeting.  Please let me know if there are additions or changes.

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