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(please submit agenda items to membership president by first day of the month)



Meetings are held on first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM, all are welcome

  1. New Faces / New Member Introductions - Please give us a 30 second 'elevator pitch' introduction (What brings you to Makersmiths? Interests? Your background or profession? Etc.?)
    1. Janet Brown - Associate
    2. Jarrel Ennis - Corporate Member

  2. Associates to Full Members
    1. Nathan Bernache
    2. Any others?

  3. Membership
    1. 111 members (one more than last month)
    2. 59 FTE memberships (same as last month)
    3. 110 active members 
    4. 1 new members in last 30 days, 0 new members in last 7 days

  4. Board of Directors Report - Brandon or Brad

  5. Committee Reports
    1. New Member Orientation Committee (Chairperson John Dubelko)
      1. New Tee Shirts and Photo ID's - Requirement to attend New Member Orientation to obtain . . .
    2. Social Outreach Committee:  (Chairperson Jessee M)
      1. Jonathon White working on pulling together Style Guidelines, then Corporate Identity Package, then Ad Campaign  - Mark
    3. Leesburg Facility Committee (Chairperson Brad Hess)
      1. CNC Classes - Brad
    4. Purcellville Facility Committee (Chairperson Tom Hill)
      1. What's happening in Purcellville?
    5. Training Committee (Chairperson John Dubelko, Diane & Zack) 
      1. Scheduling platform to allow members to easily find & schedule classes has rolled out.
    6. Special Projects / Events Committee (Chairperson Mike Werling)
      1. Ham Fest - Results Report - Michael James
      2. First Friday - Sept 7th - Jessee / Erin
      3. Bluemont Fair Sept 15th and 16th - Sign Up on Sign Up Genius
      4. Leesburg Arts in the Alley Sept 22nd - Co-opt Jessee's table / booth?
      5. Manufacturing Day Oct 5th - Sponsored by Loudoun County Economic Development - See Mark after Member Meeting if Interested
      6. Joshua's Hands Fall Festival - October 6th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm - They are requesting Barrel Train, Browing has agreed to load a tractor to pull, but we'll need hands and trucks... 
      7. Boo In The Zoo - Fund raiser for ARC of Northern Shenandoah Valley - Saturday, October 13th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm - Diane
      8. Fall Farm Tour - Barrel Train to Southern States Co-Op (they are providing tractor) - Saturday & Sunday October 20th & 21st - (Diane)
      9. VA Tech Maker Festival event - in November 3rd, 10 am to 3 pm - in Falls Church - See Diane
      10. Charity Bingo at Crooked Run  - November 7th and 28th - See Brad
    7. Signage Committee (Chairperson Mark Millsap) - New sign coming, real soon now . . . (I know I said that last month)
    8. Educational Programs Committee - (Chairperson Diane)
      1. Kid Wind Challenge - JMU - assemble kits for wind turbines
      2. Advanced Kid Wind Challenge - high school team that build turbines - at Shenandoah U in March; winner go on to national competition
      3. Creepy Bot classes - assemble kits.  Potentially want to have kids move on to larger events (e.g. VA Tech Maker Festival).
      4. Maker Day at Emerick Elementary School
      5. Others?

  6. Creation of a Frequently Asked Questions document for Teaching Classes/Holding Events and Hosting Workshops - Jonathan White / Diane Painter / John Dubelko

  7. Member Submitted feedback/issues/agenda items
    1. Request for help with carving a plaque from Old Growth Pine Steps at Southern States for 50+ year employee banquet - See Diane Painter
    2. Request to take responsibility for Artisans Trail Network Makersmiths web site - See Mark after meeting

  8. Demo of Lasercutter Reservations Form and Lasercutter Calendar Location - Mark


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