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  • 46 Members
  • 0 new in last 7 days
  • 1 new in last 30 days
  • 5 Associates
  • 4 Corporate Members / 3 Active
  • 23 Paying Members (Full or Associates)
  • 251 Contacts in Database
  • $3,150 August income thru Wild Apricot


  • $1,745 of $35,000 goal on gofundme page (comments: hard to find the page)

  • Read Tom Hill's email status report on P'ville  (slow but sure progress, working thru town requirements, have key for tours, working on utilities, need help with logistics)

  • Brad gave a status report on King St (may be on hold for six months due to owner requirements)

  • Pat heading to Norfolk to pick-up robotic arm which was donated to us by 757 makerspace

  • Pat wants to know if we should continue 1st Friday table efforts (comments: need better signage and a power source for displays --> use Darien's house power?)

  • Pat sez K2M and BAE will be contributing $5,000 each this month for ongoing operation (not for P'ville or King St.)

  • Anyone interested in Facebook page?   Brad is owner of that page & Tom Hill is contributor.  Open to contributions of material . . . anyone?

  • Bob inquired about Arc34 integration with Makersmiths
    • Brad / Ryan / Sam have started a new product development company and will soon do development at cost for members
    • May be using this space, but mostly working out of Sam's garage

  • Mike W. asked that Dave Painter empty black & yellow bins and bring back to space for member storage bins now that member storage shelves have been built.

  • John D. mentioned that he's got 4 laser trainers lined up to be able to due regular classes.  Coordination meeting tomorrow (9/8).

  • Mike asked what is operational plan for P'ville --> Tom Hill is P.O.C., ask Tom

  • Brad is scheduling B.O.D. meeting in early October.

  • Brad is going to do CNC classes soon on Roland and OX (as soon as he gets eStop buttons fully working)