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(please submit agenda items to membership president by first day of the month)



Meetings are held on first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM, all are welcome

  1. New Faces / New Member Introductions - Please give us a 30 second 'elevator pitch' introduction (What brings you to Makersmiths? Interests? Your background or profession? Etc.?)
    1. Jean Dimon
    2. Amy Evers
    3. Natalie Labayen
    4. Nedim & Laura Ogelman
    5. Sarah Orris
    6. Joe Thompson

  2. Associates to Full Members
    1. Nathan Bernache
    2. Jonathan White
    3. Others???

  3. Membership
    1. 111 members (same as last month)
    2. 57 FTE memberships (59 FTE last month)
    3. 111 active members 
    4. 6 new members in last 30 days, 1 new members in last 7 days

  4. Board of Directors Report - Brandon or Brad
    1. Approved expenses of up to $600 for moving donations / new tools
    2. Changes to membership fee structure - Board deliberating changes - how can you get your ideas and opinions heard

  5. Committee Reports
    1. New Member Orientation Committee (Chairperson John Dubelko)
      1. Members have an obligation to attend a New Member Orientation Class.  These classes are offered at least twice a month and at both Purcellville and Leesburg locations.  This is the BEST way to become aware of how-to, policies and proceedures, as well as get your photo ID, Key Card, and Makersmiths Tee Shirt.
      2. Opportunity to have a custom embroidered shirt done . . .  Jessee just needs the shirt!   (Group buy of Polo's?)
    2. Social Outreach Committee:  (Chairperson Jessee M)
      1. Appeal for photos and/or short videos for use in social media.  Also, anyone interested in formulating an ad campaign?  Please see Jon or Mark.
    3. Leesburg Facility Committee (Chairperson Brad Hess)
      1. New tools on their way . . .   Volunteer to help with move?
      2. Pending Purge - Make room for new tools?
      3. Looming woodshop improvements
      4. Thank you Brad / Jonathan /  Mike Werling for fixing router table - Please be careful when using as there is a three (3) horsepower spindle in there!
    4. Purcellville Facility Committee (Chairperson Tom Hill)
      1. New tools on their way . . .   Volunteer to help with move?
      2. Status of brownfield grant application?
      3. Status of TOP staff staffing Makersmiths-Purcellville idea?
      4. Status of addressing crowdfunding liability?
      5. Status of build-out efforts?  What's next on list to do?
    5. Scheduling Committee (Chairperson John Dubelko, Diane & Zack) 
      1. Updates?
      2. Can you teach a class, lead an event, host a pumpkin etching party, group buy / group build (IoT, home automation, robot, smart home device app, check-in app, tool control, etc., etc., etc.  LETS GET THIS PARTY GOING!)
      3. More CNC classes coming / less Red Tool Training classes coming unless someone else is willing to lead.
    6. Special Projects / Events Committee (Chairperson Mike Werling)
      1. First Friday - Oct 5th - Erin
      2. Boo In The Zoo - Fund raiser for ARC of Northern Shenandoah Valley - Saturday, October 13th from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm - Diane
      3. Fall Farm Tour - Barrel Train to Southern States Co-Op (they are providing tractor) - Saturday & Sunday October 20th & 21st - Diane
      4. VA Tech Maker Festival event - November 3rd, 10 am to 3 pm - in Falls Church - Diane
      5. Charity Bingo at Crooked Run  - November 7th and 28th - Brad
      6. Calendars - Main Calendar, Event Calendar, Special Events Calendar - who, where, how, why?
    7. Signage Committee (Chairperson Mark Millsap)
      1. Have obtained new material for sign. Material needs some gluing together prior to cutting new sign.
    8. Educational Programs Committee - (Chairperson Diane)
      1. Kid Wind Challenge - JMU - assemble kits for wind turbines
      2. Advanced Kid Wind Challenge - high school team that build turbines - at Shenandoah U in March; winner go on to national competition
      3. Creepy Bot classes - assemble kits.  Potentially want to have kids move on to larger events (e.g. VA Tech Maker Festival).
  6. FAQ for Teaching Classes/Holding Events and Hosting Workshops - Jonathan White / Diane Painter / John Dubelko

  7. Member Submitted feedback/issues/agenda items
    1. National Manufacturing Day exhibit - Friday, October 5th at Northern Virginia Community College campus, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm - help at table set up for Makersmiths - See Pat Scannell
    2. New 3D printer in Printer Room - Fillament issue?
    3. Arcade Build Group - channel on Slack - Group buy / build of finished cabinet(s) / cocktail table(s) - See Jonathan White
    4. Marketing 101:  Jonathan White has pulled together style guide for use of logo and Makersmiths graphics.  See makersmithsfiles channel for file repository.  Next we'll be working on unifying identity, class and marketing materials so all are consistent with branding efforts.  Your ideas and input are valuable / appreciated as we move forward with formulating campaign to reach sustaining level of membership!  See Jon if interested in joining in effort.
    5. Thank you to John Dubelko and wife Beverly for hosting pumpkin etching classes and events - very popular - lets get the word out!
    6. Makersmiths-in-a-box:  Mike Werling has made great strides.  Always room for improvement and he has ideas!
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