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Meeting Called to Order 7:35 PM

Introductions of new members and Announcements

  • First Friday

    • Squirrel has contact Solla regarding Leesburg First Fridays

    • Someone can go to the Very Virginia Shop on First Friday to direct traffic to Makersmiths

  • Very Virginia Shop Display

    • Squirrel has arranged to have several shelves with signage and items made at Makersmiths on display

    • All communication regarding these items should go through Squirrel; not directly through Solla

  • Scout Merit Badge Counselors Needed

    • Allon has requested folks who are willing to act as counselors for Merit Badges

    • Requirements for badges are not rigorous so commitment is minimal

    • For info: see new group on Slack #scouting

  • Non-profit Leadership Symposium

    • Dave Painter offered flyers for Symposium to be held at Shenandoah University

    • October 10, 8-3

  • Ann Margret requested the following

    • Volunteers to assist with cleaning the future sewing room

    • Replacement to be available for Tuesday night open houses

Membership Update:

  • 57 members

  • 23 memberships

  • 50 active

  • 5 new members

Treasurer Update

  • Pursuing tax exemption for personal property tax from Loudoun County

  • Goal to Increase of memberships to 97 by Dec 2018

  • Currently 24K in the bank

  • Credit Card payments and donations can now be accepted on site

  • Reimbursement requests must be approved by owners of individual spaces

Brad’s Update:

  • Bylaws and policies have been updated (i.e. instructor pay and storage for members)

  • Updated proposed items are on the Wiki (

    • Will be available for comment for 30 days (IF you don’t want to make public comment, send to Brad

    • After 30 days, board will vote

    • Goal is to have new docs approved by January 1

    • Mike Fistler reported that over $600 was raised at the Bluemont Fair with the Cow Train

Mark’s Update:

  • There was a great turnout at last month’s First Friday (for future info, see Slack channel #FirstFriday

  • Jesse is contact for Purcellville Tag Sale happening Saturday, October 7th.

  • Items for sale include warehouse items and any items folks wish to donate

  • Booth location is still in question, but it is thought to be at Southern States

  • Fall Farm Tour

  • Slack channel #FallFarmTour

  • Plan to make fidget spinners

  • Social Media

  • Interactions have increased

  • Jesse will take over site; options are being considered

    • Possibility of Wordpress site with Wild Apricot embedded

  • Social Outreach

  • K2M, a corporate sponsor of over 10K/year has requested a presentation to be given to their engineers about the availability in the space

  • October 30 or 1st week of November

Purcellville Update-Dave Painter

  • Good progress

  • Mike Fistler brokered a deal with Beckstrom to do electric and give a full year to pay; they are ready to go

  • Waiting for Dominion Power (leveraging political power to force progress)

  • Workdays have been successful

  • Demo is almost complete, supplies purchased, reframing ready

  • Local concrete pave floor

  • Workdays will be scheduled for every Saturday in October and November

  • All big distribution equipment has been donated

Leesburg Update

  • Pat has been cleaning the back classroom

    • Cisco TV will be relocated back there

    • Tables and Chairs

  • Ted’s Office will soon be available

  • Wood Shop-Dust collection is up but still needs power

  • If you are using the tables in the main room, cover them with paper

Berryville Storage Update

  • Storage unit has been sorted and organized (over 3 weekends)

  • There are 3 more tables worth of stuff

  • Brad is proposing a MakerCycling event in the Leesburg lot to make excess items available for repurposing

  • Any scrap metal or wood will be recycled; if anyone wants something, contact Brad to determine availability

  • May have a buyer for the dust collector

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm

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