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  1. Fully define video intro sequence:

    1. length – 5 seconds

    2. content – makersmiths title, 10 videos 2 seconds each

    3. Audio – Jessee/JC to create original soundtrack

    4. shots needed –

      1. laser in action - Jessee

      2. 3d printers, mostly complete print– Jessee

      3. woodshop table or bandsaw – Squirrl at MSP Saturday  

      4. CNC tormach – Brad

      5. blacksmthing – Squirrl at MSP Saturday  

      6. welding shot with arc shielded – Squirrl MSP Saturday  

      7. soldering – Jessee already shot

      8. sewing – Jason

      9. epoxy pour - Skip

      10. vinyl shot of weeding - Craig

  2. Intro editing - Jason Gilligan

  3. Outro – Jason to edit, Jessee to provide details - Website, social medias, addresses, hashtag, credits.

  4. Discuss where to maintain video intro/outro file – google drive, Jessee

  5. Discuss video quality, camera selection. - landscape, 1080p 16x9 preferred

  6. Audio – new session later

  7. Identify good candidates for initial videos – Site tours of both MSL and MSP, BS Shop Red Tools, Laser Class, MSP Wood shop.

  8. Discuss video editing and if we can provide assistance with this to members, Jason good with it, several others willing to help

  9. Discuss video submission process - video/audio/editing classes required prior to submissions, submissions in person at video meeting monthly

  10. Gear -

    1. Brad offering loans of Gopro 7, gopro session, cannon 77d with lens assortment

    2. Craig Selwitz- robopod, green screen

    3. Chris Hom - 800d cannon

    4. Jessee – softbox, umbrellas

Action Items:

Jessica Maloney

  • create original soundtrack for intro/outro sequences
  • Provide shot of laser in action for intro sequence
  • Shoot 3d printer in action on a mostly complete project for intro sequence
  • Provide soldering shot for intro sequence
  • Provide all info for outro sequence
  • Set up Google Drive location for video committee asset management
  • Provide access to Google Drive location to all committee members

Adam "Squirrl" McClintock

  • Shoot table saw for intro sequence at MSP Saturday  
  • Shoot blacksmithing for intro sequence at MSP Saturday  
  • Shoot welding for intro sequence at MSP Saturday  
  • Schedule meeting to discuss audio


  • Shoot vinyl weeding for intro sequence
  • Get site tour requirements from Jessee for Nation of Makers
  • Begin work on preproduction for site tour shooting.

Jason Gilligan

  • Shoot sewing for intro sequence
  • Edit Intro sequence after receiving all required videos and data
  • Edit Outro sequence after receiving data from Jessee

Arthur 'Skip' Smith

  • Provide shot of epoxy pour  for intro sequence
  • Provide alternative royalty free music for intro/outro sequence

Brad Hess

  • Provide shot of Tormach CNC in action for intro sequence

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