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Meeting date November 1, 2017

Start 7:30 PM

Opening Remarks:


  • Welcome by Mark

  • Starting January, new procedures with regard to how member meetings are run

  • First 10 minutes of meeting will be cleaning up time

  1. New Faces / Member Introductions

  • Greg Kendall – 3 wks ago, live on Royal, room to work on projects and product ideas

  • Guy Jones – Purcellville, near new site, enjoy tinkering, near retirement, seeking those with shared interests

  • Kevin Dougherty – engineer for 40 years, freelance last 10 yrs, do not have all the tools he needs, so access to additional equipment a big plus.  

  • Jason – country boy with IT bend, interested in welding and other big equipment

  1. Approval of last month’s meeting minutes

    1. Notes – votes on approval – aye wins

  2. Member submitted feedback

    1. Request by Christa to address the meeting regarding First Annual Maker Gift Exchange

      • Notes – look for more info

    1. Request by Squirrel to address the meeting regarding “Making for the Space”

      • Notes – out this evening, retail shelf space to be filled

    1. Request by Allon to announce that next Thursday 11/9 Allon will be conducting an initial planning session for Boy Scouts merit badge request

      • Notes – Allon has been planning, see Meet Up for Details

    1. Request by Allon to announce he will be scheduling a demo for fixing a laptops

      • Notes – check electronics channel on slack

  1. Membership - Mark M.

    1. 62 members

    2. 50 memberships

    3. 53 active members

    4. 10 new members in last 30 days

      1. Notes – high water mark to-date.  50 memberships (family memberships have multiple members to a membership).  Reminder that 18 or over can be members.  Ten new members in last 30 days.  58 members last member meeting, so net increase by 4.

      2. Discussion on new location helping, and First Fridays have helped.  Excitement growing with regard to Purcellville and influence design.  

      3. Brad – Squirrl sold a couple items from Berryville.

  1. Treasurer's Report - John D.

    1. Notes – bank account just under 24k.  Presented actuals to Board tracking to budget.  Very conservative in projection, so up $10k over forecast.  Hoping to get to $50k – membership brings in the money.  Financials are in Board Meeting info.  We have low rent for a year, but Royal will increase and Purcellville coming.  

    2. Building budget now for next year, but hard to project with some of the big ticket bills.  Example – laser is lease-to-own

    3. Brad – when is Board expected to receive FY18 budget?  Answer – mid Nov

    4. Approved budget on Wiki that goes through December 2017.  Approved in July.  Fiscal year = calendar year.

  2. Membership policy updates - Brad H.

    1. published for member feedback and comment; comments closed October 31st; BOD will approve November; Goes into effect December 1st, 2017

      1. New Draft Bylaws

      2. Proposed Standing Rules

      • Notes – old bylaws had issues and mistakes.  Spent time in June-August rewriting.  Published to receive feedback.  Nothing major, but comments on formatting and clarification, but not material.  Comment period is closed.  Expectation is final will essentially be what you see.  Board will vote at next meeting and go into effect January 1.  

      • Not a lot of changes, solid foundation for bylaws.  You can make comments, but the actual comment period is closed.  Many indications they were read, no further comments from the meeting attendees.

  1. Community Help Requests

    1. Monica Neumann - Help with wood project for two Woodgrove H.S. freshman for 2 baby Nigerian Dwarf male goats - See me if interested.

      • Notes – in a horse barn in local winery.  Looking for help with “simple wood projects” for the two girls.  Possibly to provide shelter since currently in horse barn on straw.  A smaller more enclosed space desirable.

    1. Sean Newman Maroni - Storage space for a betabox for a week

      1. Notes – no further info

    2. Caitlin Williams - Help with Independent Science Research Project - Hand Hygiene in Hospitals

      1. Notes – no further info

    3. Denise Bedford - International Survey of Maker Spaces - Georgetown University Study

      1. Notes – professor at Georgetown would like our input.  Will provide copy of study back in return for participation.

    4. Chris Gatbonton - Creation Crate - Indegogo Campaign

      1. Notes – Periodic crate to schools, makerspaces, library.  Would like help in making campaign successful.  If interest – let Mark know and he’ll connect interested folks with the right person.  Mark will post to the Wiki and/or slack.

      2. Kevin D may have interest in the hand hygiene project and input from past product he worked on

      3. Mike – the betabox is a shipping container size item.  Mobile tech lab in a storage container.  Discussion ensued.  Mike to follow up with Mark.

  1. First Friday - Friday October 6th - Christa / Diane P. / Squirrl / Jessee / Mark

    1. Notes – Open House for First Friday.  Channel on slack.  Folks listed coordinating.  Bev/John doing demos.  Brad in woodshop.  Christa putting out sandwich boards.  Looking for someone to run 3D prints.  

    2. Embark space across the street also has teen poetry mike night on first Friday.

  2. Special Events - Call for Makers - NOVA Maker Faire

    1. Notes – usually held sometime late spring.  Todd planning to do.  Mark – usually get 8x10 booth.  Will be on Slack.

  3. Social Outreach Committee - Jesse

    1. Request for more pictures

    2. Notes – not present, but has been doing great on instragram and social media platforms.  Needs more pix of projects.  Also short videos.  Channel on slack on WhatchaMakeToday is a good way to transmit or dropbox links.  Post a pic and let her know publishable or any restrictions.  Include captions with your posts.  Who, purpose, etc.  Little videos attract more eyeballs,

  4. Makersmiths-Purcellville Status Report - Tom H. / Mike F. / Dave Painter

    1. Notes -update by Dave.  Effective work day last Saturday.  Nearly done with framing, one more section to be complete.  Then strip off metal siding off the ends to replace with proper sheathing and wrap.  City of Purcellville supposed to come by in next week to help with drainage issue.  Saturday will finish framing and start on drywall.  Hope to recruit help during First Friday.  All welcome Saturday.  Framing, drywall, equipment moves to make space for equipment from Berryville.  Still want table saw (Brandon? Dave – yes).  Show up with safety gear (eye/ear protection/gloves).  Never hurts to bring your own tools.  Dave can republish task list, possibly to Wiki.  Brandon suggests updating existing list that’s on the wiki.  1030 – 330.  Status on electricity – all signed, waiting (power distribution innards and distribution gear has not arrived yet).

  5. Makersmiths Leesburg Status Report - Brad / Squirrl

    1. Notes – Brad – Royal Street – focus on Purcellville and Berryville.  Front room progressing in clean up so can put it to use.  Pat S secured donation of glass panals, working with landlord to add glass to open up rooms for natural light and make workspace more visible.  Requires landlord approval.  Input desired from members.  Dust collector in the back just needs air filter to complete set up.

  6. Board of Directors Report – Brad

    1. Notes – In new policies, board meeting minutes posted before/after.  Announcing meetings, welcome to attend.  Open session at the beginning.

    2. What goes to Board?

      1. Any capital expenditures where you propose to spend money

    3. Representing Makersmiths to outside of community (work with another org for example).

    4. Approved Motions:

      1. Holiday expenditure

      2. Wifi for here

      3. Changing registered agent

    5. Questions on ceramics and Purcellville

      1. Grant through Loudoun Arts (due 10/31 and stipulations for certain compliance) meant not applying this year.  

      2. Is Makersmiths planning to have ceramics yes, two kilns.  

    6. Motion approved for a large format 4x8 CNC.

      1. CNC – 90 to 96 CNC, about $400 for the last 6”.  Ways around it to work around if can’t fit full sheet.  If interested in contributing or participating in build, get on slack channel.  Will be a future meet up.  $2500 approved.

    7. Approved lower building layout for Purcellville.  On slack.  Verbal review of layout, shared space for ceramics and arts.  Much discussion kilns running at same time.  Shared space, so initially through scheduling to ensure simultaneous usage compatible.

    8. Meeting notes on what will be covered in future meeting.

  7. Other

    1. John – pumpkin pies etch class - $10 each.

    2. Brad – Vcarve Pro license – download and ask for makersmiths key.  You can do all but saving G-Code.  Will publish on wiki how to use and load on local machine.  Will also be on CNC lab machine later this week.  Open call for LCD monitors.

    3. Jonathan - Running meet-ups on 11th related to how to set up for pumpkin pies and ornaments.  Will provide templates.  Will bring in his two nomads.  On Fusion 360. Will schedule get-started sessions.  First session more advanced, second more for newer folks.  Added a slack channel for CNC.  Let him know interests.  Example = mold making (thinking through positives and negatives spaces).

    4. Mike - Leesburg Garden Festival end of April.  If not selling, can get booth.  Apps due in January.  Use special events channel on Slack.  Will present to Board the options after starting “chatter”

    5. Brian – what’s happening with sign?  Yes, application required and filled out (awaiting landlord signature).  (Brandon says Suzy next door can sign).  Mark will get board approval once signed, then app goes to Town, then will be asking for help on making signs.

    6. - Framing shop – PDMP gallery closed and they have a bunch of framing equipment if more needed.  Will landlord sell some parking spaces?  Would Ted purchase and allow Makersmiths to rent back?  Brandon – some pieces may be of interest.  Brandon to follow up with owner.

  8. Meeting adjourned at 8:25pm.

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