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Makersmiths Member Meeting 12/2/2015


  • Makersmiths now on Google Maps, need to update hours to better describe how we are open

  • Need to make all accounts associated with Makersmiths to be owned by Makersmiths with all passwords stored some place

  • ** Member notices are on the door, need to make a new member packet and put on the wiki.  Pat will work on this

  • Storage: how much is enough

    • Wire shelves are too big for the craft room.

    • Mike W and Mark will work on formal member storage/bin policy

  • Designate some shelves as “freecycle” shelves to gather things that are free for use

    • Mike W and Mark to look at that

  • Allon brought up about equipment that is dropped off for use.

    • Re-engage room stewards to manage equipment and make sure everything in the space is potentially useful

  • Any projects in progress should be labeled with name, phone number, date of project

  • Working board: hang in alcove by single door.  Elena brought it in

  • Tool cheat sheets.  Feel free to make them, add to wiki

  • ** Action: send out URL for wiki.  Brad will send out instructions/how to post

  • Restore open shop nights on Tues/Thurs

    • Mark will start posting on meetup.  A member needs to RSVP to make sure a member is at the space

  • For communication we are starting to use Slack.  Everyone should join.  

  • Mike F. has gathered the bits and pieces of technology for tracking members and other management tools.  Things are hit and miss, trying to find a more uniform IT infrastructure.

    • See Mike’s slides

  • ** Add a photo disclosure to the member agreement - Pat



  • Proposed agenda for future meetings




  • Current Members?

    • About 30-35

    • Goal is to get to 60 or so to get into a bigger space

    • Grow organically, maybe a few drives to get new members

  • When is the next members meeting?

    • Pat suggests monthly, midweek

    • 1st Wed of every month

  • What does the cashflow look like

    • We have about 30k in bank

    • Breaking even

    • Biggest cost is rent

    • Storage, about $120

    • One time expenses, such as laser cutter (financed)

    • Variable expenses

  • Power for big tools?

    • The big drill press is working.  Other tools can be plugged in

    • Sean’s generator could power the plasma

  • Need list of room steward

    • Big room, Elena

    • Garage, Shane and Tom

    • Crafts, Erin

    • Office

    • Electronics, Allon Stern

    • Red Room

    • Woodshop

  • Include intro to on-line tools, add to the Green Tools Orientation

  • If someone comes in and wants to join, what do we do?

    • Fill in the info sheet by the door

    • Sign waiver

  • Pat proposes new policy: if you have a key you owe dues

    • Possible to put it on hold, but must be done explicitly


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