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(please submit agenda items to membership president by first day of the month)



Meetings are held on first Wednesday of the month at 7:30 PM, all are welcome

  1. New Faces / New Member Introductions
    1. Bill
    2. Karen
    3. Jake
    4. Jamile

  2. Approval of last month's meeting minutes - See 12-1-2017 Member Meeting Minutes - No objections

  3. Member Submitted feedback/issues/agenda items
    1. Request by Skip Smith to address the meeting regarding where to put new CNC 5'x9'
    2. Skip presented three options.  Discussion going to take place on CNC / General channels on Slack.  Possibility of using Slack Poll feature to take member sentiment.  Brad said he wasn't going to start ordering parts until members decide. (Boo!)

  4. Membership - Mark M.
    1. 75 members (62 last month)
    2. 65 memberships
    3. 65 active members
    4. 15 new members in last 30 days, 5 new members in last 7 days

  5. Vote on new Full Members
    1. Voted on Jamile - Affimative, no objections
    2. Voted on Sean - Affirmative, no objections
    3. Voted on Jake - Affirmative, no objections
    4. Voted on Karen - Affirmative, no objections (Karen needs to sign up as Associate first . . .)

  6. Treasurer's Report - John D.
    1. ~over 20K in bank account.
    2. $2,500 coming in from Amazon for Maker Challenge
    3. Draft 2018 budget has been developed.  See John if you want a copy.

  7. Membership policy updates - Brad H.
    1. BOD has approved, now on wiki; Goes into effect January 1st, 2017
      1. New Bylaws
      2. New Standing Rules
        1. See text on membership levels; full, associate, starving, complementary
          1. Complementary members must apply, and reapply every three months

  8. Community Help Requests
    1. Caitlin Williams - Help with Independent Science Research Project - Hand Hygiene in Hospitals - Kevin D., Project is due end of January.
    2. Powder Puff Durby car cut-outs - Tuesday, January 9th and Wednesday, January 17th and one other day.  Lots of help needed!
    3. ARC help with gavels

  9. First Friday
    1. Successful December on December 1st - Thank you to Christa, Diane, Squirrl, John & Bev
    2. No First Friday in January
    3. Jen asked if we want to participate in Family Fun Days - Saturdays - discussion to migrate to Slack 'special events' channel

  10. Special Events
    1. Maker Faire - Todd has early application, working on, about four months away . . . be thinking of what to do
    2. Leesburg Flower and Garden Show - Mark / Mike W. - 10x10 booth, no selling, but can distribute flyers, etc., and direct folks to Makersmiths, photo booth, cow car, project examples like flower boxes, etc.

  11. Social Outreach Committee - Jessee
    1. Getting results from social outreach efforts
    2. Request for more pictures or short videos
    3. We took one big group photo for posterity!

  12. Makersmiths-Purcellville Status Report - Dave Painter
    1. Starting to see end of tunnel and place is really transforming (due to Diane's hot chicken soup and fresh bread lunches, I might add . . .)
    2. This weekend we need help with moving shop pieces into place so disconnect boxes go in right places
    3. Efforts are part of cleaning out Berryville warehouse
    4. Hoping that electrical work is about done so DVP has incentive to replace poles and bring power to CT cabinets and both buildings
    5. If all goes well, may be opening by first of new year

  13. Makersmiths Leesburg Status Report - Brad
    1. Need to make member storage available - where to put it?
    2. Still working on wood shop - storage walls, slat walls, feed out table from table saw
    3. New monitor in large room with a Chromcast device in HDMI 1

  14. Board of Directors Report - Brad
    1. No Board Meeting in December as it would put meeting in week between Christmas and New Years
    2. Will do email vote on Budget and any complementary member applications that come in
    3. Next Board meeting likely in January
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