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39 Members

33 Active Members

2 Overdue

2 New Members - Christopher Graves, Nicholas Missos (Corporate Member)


-First Friday - Postponed until warmer weather, maybe in Spring

-P'ville Status

  • One more vote @ Town Council for green light
  • Then will need to work out lease
  • Working on Dominion Virginia Power Load Letter (to obtain service and/or service upgrade)
  • Likely to start with 110v service / 200 amp (existing)
  • Bob did a prelim gantt chart
  • Looking at early to late spring for opening
  • Working on soft entry to use space
  • Need plans ! ! ! !


  • John has books almost up to speed
  • Taxes have been filed
  • Working on 501(c)3

-Berryville Warehouse

  • Dave working on plan for organizing / cleaning / selling surplus
  • John cautioned that we don't want to get into business 'selling' as that may change our charter / purpose away from non-profit
  • Need to seal wall / snake drain
  • Transformer coming Sunday
  • Patch gable hole
  • Fix garage door
  • Dave has a list of stuff to be sold
  • Electric pallet jack may be going to C2 for their use
  • Toga Committee being formed ==> Pat sez needs a process
  • Mike suggested using 'asset management, cloud-based SASS package' to facilitate inventory 


-Science and Technology Fair - coming March 23rd @ Riverside H.S.

  • Allon need co-judges


-Leesburg Space

  • Extended lease for 6 months --> June 17th
  • King Street - still 'on the horizon', but will need a MAJOR fund raise, 6 - 12 months off, at best, Q4 - 15% chance


-Board Meeting

  • Pat scheduling in December
  • Dave P. nominated to replace Knute
  • 2016 taxes, P'ville lease, 501(c)3 filling on agenda


-Tee Shirts?

  • Need a design
  • John obtaining supplies
  • Will do a 'Train-the-Trainer' class on vinyl cutter useage
  • Christa - Can we do bumper stickers?
  • Looking for a trailer to use to cart stuff


-Door Control

  • Mark mentioned that he's working with a couple of members to implement a new door access control system
  • Will work with smartphone to allow access
  • Will eliminate physical keys once implemented (few keys being returned, lack of control)



  • Allon and Brad planning on 3D printing class soon
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