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Discussion items

What do we want from the Committee?
  • Attract new members (Goal)
  • Attract students for classes (Channel for achieving goal)
    • Have instructors give tours as part of their class
    • Illustrator class (Kenzie and Julien)
  • Corporate 
    • Membership
    • Sponsorship
    • Collaboration
  • Post digital flyers on Social Media (Channel)
  • Local Newspapers (Channel)
    • Loudoun Now
    • Loudoun Times-Mirror
    • Publicize Monthly Member Meetings and Classes
  • Target territory is Loudoun County/40 minute radius?
  • Capture Channel effectiveness
    • Custom Links for each channel
  • Facebook Ads (Channel)
    • Need access to manage Facebook Group
  • Host community events
    • Hackathons
    • Tech Job Fairs
    • Craft Shows

Action items

  • Jessica Maloney will reach out to Loudoun Now, work on Landing page and custom links for tracking
  • Scott Newman will reach out to Loudoun Times-Mirror, post minutes
  • James Waldron will work with scheduling committee to get more classes posted, submit landing page request, research Facebook Group access
  • Julien Tricheax  will research Hackathon opportunities