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  • Regular monthly meeting

Discussion items


  • Reschedule or skip? Message posted to Slack. Rescheduled from 2021-07-18 19:00 to 2021-07-22 18:00

Approve Previous Meeting Minutes
  • Accepted as presented

 Event/News Postings
  • Demo Day
    • Can we get this in the papers?
    • UV Printed keychains, anything else?
  • Open Houses
    • URL? - Events? - Main Page? - Main Page? - Main Page? - Main Page?
    • We could assign these to each outlet, and rotate through them.
    • Scott will submit the website requests

Analytics info

We were not posting Facebook events for 2 or three weeks, have resumed posting

Facebook posting cross promotion shows in engagement figures

Need more help with Facebook

Posts are happening automatically for open houses


  • Jessee has updated flyers, and will be printing tomorrow...

Instagram access
  • Resolved - Julien is collecting photos, reels, and stories to post - looking for member interviews, 

Schedule next meeting
  • Next meeting scheduled for Monday, August 16, at 7PM 

Action items

  • Scott Newman - Review Julien's writeup by Friday, July 23
  • Scott Newman - Open House submission to Loudoun Times-Mirror (overdue)
  • Scott Newman - Submit URL requests to website committee
  • Julien - write up paragraph for newsletter about hackathons and create Slack channel