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- 6:30PM



Discussion items

Membership Fees discussion requested by the Board
  •  See for a spreadsheet that can be used for the discussion. The Board has indicated that they think the proposed change in membership levels is unfair to Full Members and is suggesting that a change in Fees is warranted. Additionally, the Fees have never changed and we are losing ground to inflation. Fee changes were decoupled from level changes and the target is to have a recommendation by October for implementation in January.
    • Jessee thinks Membership Fees should stay at 50/100
    • UV Printer and Laser Printer power users met and proposed that we keep the tool usage rates the same between both membership levels. ("nobody should be penalized for not having a spouse"). They are proposing raising the rates to $6.00. - DONE
    • Should add tool usage rates to Standing Rules - should be board approved.
    • Add ability to have recurring donations... (Brad Hess) NOTE: We do not currently have the ability to do this with our current payment provider (Stripe).
    • Scott was thinking 59/99 
    • Grants, corporate sponsorships, donations from community-minded organizations...
    • Bryan thinks tax writeoff is a value, is OK with 59/99 rates
    • Wyatt likes the proposed tool usage rates, is there room for other options such as early notification of events for household members over individual members as incentive. 
    • Announce November 1, Effective Jan 1. (Give 2 months advance notice).
    • Messaging is important - first rate increase ever (since 2015)
    • Jessee alternately suggests 59/109
    • Check in on September 14 at 6:30 to see where we are 
    • Consensus is that there is no compelling need to increase rates but if an increase is implemented it should be 59/109

Action items