FDM Printing

At Leesburg there are 6 FDM printers available.  There are 2 Ender3-v2s, 2 Elegoo Neptune 3s, an FLSun Q-5 and a Longer LK5 Pro. 

FDM Printers

Ender3 v2Elegoo Neptune 3

FLSun Q5

Longer LK5LulzBot TAZ Pro

PrinterBed SizeHeightPrint MethodSlicer
Ender-3 v2220 x 220250OctoPrintCura

FLSun Q5

200200Micro SDCura
LulzBot TAZ Pro280 x 280285USBCura for Lulzbot
Longer LK5300 x 300400Micro SDCura
Elegoo Neptune 3220 x 220280Micro SDElegoo Cura

SLA Printing

MS-L has 3 SLA printers in the basement area. The Elegoo Mars was donated to the space by Elegoo, and the Anycubic Mono X was part of the 2021 MS-L Improvements purchase. There is also an Elegoo Mercury X Wash and Cure station that was part of the MS-L Improvements purchase.

How to use the OctoPrint print server

Elegoo Mars

(donated by Elegoo)

Anycubic Photon Mono XElegoo Jupiter

PrinterBed SizeHeightExposure TimeSpeedSlicer
Elegoo Mars129mm x 80mm150mm8-10sec22.5mm/hrChitubox, Lychee
Anycubic Mono X 4K192mm x 120mm245mm0.8-2sec60mm/hrPhoton Workshop, Chitubox, Lychee
Elegoo Jupiter277mm x 156mm300mm0.8-2sec30-70mm/hChitubox, Lychee
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