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3D Printing at Makersmiths

We have both FDM (plastic filament based) printers and SLA (liquid resin based) printers

FDM Printing

Our main printers are the new Ender 3 v2 printers at MSL. Very reliable and consistent, they have Octoprint servers on them to allow for easy web based access to the printers, print from your own laptop or the computers in the space, print it and leave ease of use. In addition there are two printers that have been optimized to print ABS ( a more finicky material), the Davinci XYZ, and the Lulzbot Mini.

At Purcellville (MSP) we have two deltabot printers (a circular bed instead of square) that have nice large build areas. These two printers were donated and use SD chips to get the print onto them. MSP also has a Lulzbot TAZ, an industrial, dual extrusion printer.

SLA Printing

MSL has 3 SLA printers in the basement area. The Elegoo Mars was donated to the space by Elegoo, the Longer 10 Orange was donated by a friend of Tom Hill, and the Anycubic Mono X a next generation model that was part of the 2021 MSL Improvements purchase. There is also an elegoo Mercury X Wash and Cure station that was part of the MSL Improvements purchase.

MSP has a colocated EPAX X1K 6" Mono. As well as a Wash and Cure Station.


There are two certification courses for the printers, one for the FDM and one for the SLA. If you don't see an upcoming class, post a request to the 3D printing channel on slack. A certification class is required for independent use of the printers.

How to use the Octoprint print server

Printer Details

SLA Printers

Image result for elegoo mars

See the source image

See the source image

Elegoo Mars

(donated by Elegoo)

Longer 10 OrangeAnycubic Mono XElegoo Jupiter (Coming in June)Epax E6 2K

PrinterBed SizeHeightExposure TimeSpeedSlicer
Elegoo Mars129mm x 80mm150mm8-10sec22.5mm/hrChitubox, Lychee
Longer 10 Orange98mm x 55mm140mm8-10sec30mm/hrLongerware, Chitubox, Lychee
Anycubic Mono X 4K192mm x 120mm245mm0.8-2sec60mm/hrPhoton Workshop, Chitubox, Lychee
Elegoo Jupiter277mm x 156mm300mm0.8-2sec60mm/hr(?)Chitubox, Lychee
Epax E6 2K128mm x 81mm155mm2-4sec40mm/hr(?)Chitubox, Lychee

FDM Printers

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

Ender3 v2Lulzbot MiniDavinci XYZLulzbot TAZ


FLSun Q5

Monoprice Mini

PrinterBed SizeHeightFliamentSpeedPrint MethodSlicer
Ender3 v2220x220250PLA75-100mm/secOctoprintCura, Lychee
Lulzbot Mini

USBCura for Lulzbot
Davinci XYZ

SD CardCura, Lychee

Monoprice Select Mini

Micro SDCura, Lychee

Micro SD, USBCura

FLSun Q5

Micro SD, USBCura
Lulzbot TAZ

Micro SD, USBCura for Lulzbot
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