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The Amateur Radio Comittee will further science and electronics knowledge within the organization while bringing the organization to the attention of the community through public safety and emergency services event participation. The objectives of the committee will be to oversee the club, educate and license new radio amateurs, build a Makersmiths amateur radio station, participate in community amateur radio events, and enhance community safety by providing emergency communications capabilities. In addition, the club will make use of on-hand equipment to set up microwave communications projects.


Chair: Allon Stern
Members: Christopher Barnes, Jennifer Chu, Rob Gosnel, Robert Johnson, David Lang, Alexander Stern, Christa Stern, Joshua Stern, John Rehwinkel, Robert Shirley, James Waldron


The Amateur Radio Committee will manage statutory and administrative requirements of the Makersmiths Radio Club and promote science and electronics education (STEM) through licensing classes, Amateur Radio in Space, antenna design, and radio build events. The committee will also hold amateur radio license examination sessions under the authority of the ARRL VEC, promote Makersmiths through participation in community radio events, and support emergency communications in the event of natural or man-made disasters.

Makersmiths Radio Club (KE4MA)

The Amateur Radio Committee is a Makersmiths Board of Directors recognized entity providing organizational structure and oversight; the Makersmiths Radio Club (KE4MA) is the Federal Communications Commission recognized and licensed element of the Amateur Radio Committee.  Although there is a significant overlap in membership, the roles and responsibilities of club members differ from the roles and responsibilities of committee members.


Club President: Allon Stern KE4FYL (Acting)

FCC Trustee and FRN Administrator: David Lang AA4TD (voting member)

Additional voting members: Jennifer Chu KN4TCS; Paul Gernhardt WB9TNA; Alexander Stern KM4RHZ; Christa Stern KK4RLF; Joshua Stern KK4RLE; John Rehwinkel KG4L; Robert Shirley KC3NIN; James Waldron KO4CHL

Non-voting members: Christopher Barnes, Rob Gosnel, Robert Johnson


The licensed members of the Makersmiths Radio Club are responsible to ensure that all KE4MA station operations comply with the provisions of 47 C.F.R. Part 97 (Amateur Radio Service).  Anyone (member or non-member) observing a violation of 47 C.F.R. Part 97 will immediately report the incident with all available details to the FCC Trustee.

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