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To check the bed leveling follow the following general Directions.

  • Use the printer's menu to auto home the printhead
  • Turn off the printer
  • Move the printhead without moving it UP and DOWN to a spot about an inch from the front left corner
  • slide a piece of 20# copy paper between the nozzle and the bed
  • It should slide between with a bit of friction.
  • Adjust the print bed up or down as needed using the screws on the corner of the print bed closest to the corner you are testing.
  • Now move to the front right corner and repeat.
  • Do this for all four corners,
  • Repeat all four corners until you no longer have to adjust the print bead Usually about 4 times around.
  • You are read to do a print test.
  • Ideally, have a small flat (.8mm high) object to test if you don't have one, use the one below.


  • This print test should print a few layers, but the first layer is the most important. Look to see that the layers are flattened, but not translucent and not rounded. (See below)

For some manuals on our printers, see below.

Monoprice Select Plus

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