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Chair: Anthony Lesink

Shop Steward: 


The Custom Framing Committee will oversee safety, education, and program management for the custom framing program at Makersmiths. The program will provide the necessary equipment, training, and safety protocols for members to create their own custom framing pieces for their works of art. Custom framing can be extremely expensive, so the purpose of the program is also to appeal to members and the community by offering a way to do their own framing at a fraction of the cost. 


The custom framing committee will be responsible for the education of members, maintenance of facilities and equipment, and management of funds for initial renovation as well as ongoing expenses. The committee will provide tool training for anyone that wishes to use the shop so that they may learn the equipment and procedures necessary to safely complete their project. Additional classes will be held that teach advanced tool techniques and other aspects of custom framing as an art form. The Committee will meet the first Saturday of the month at the Purcellville location. Ad Hoc meetings may be held in person, telephonically, or online if an issue arises that requires immediate committee discussion. If a decision is required and a two-thirds majority of committee members are not present, the committee chair will use the Makersmiths Slack, or any other means that produces an auditable record to detail the issue and acquire a two-thirds majority decision.

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