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This is a work in progress, after thinking about it for a while I need to re-work this page to better describe what we want to do.  If you want to chat about it best to contact Mike Werling directly.


This project aims to assemble a set of projects and equipment that members can use at events.  Members should be able to check out the items for an event and use them, without having to solicit the membership at large for commonly used items or projects to display.  This is intended as a core of items to make life easier, other projects and items can always be used even if they aren't part of the "box".

The items will be stored at Makersmiths Leesburg in the basement.  All items will be clearly marked and small/fragile items contained in easily portable totes or boxes.

The "core box" contains a set of projects that display the capabilities of the makerspace, along with basic booth items, and literature/handouts.

The "supplemental box" has add-on items that are big or only need in certain cases, such as canopy, table, signs. 

Core Box

Each project should include an information card that describes the project: name, description, who made it, what tools/processes were used.  This will help people at the event better be able to describe projects that they do not have experience with.  We should have a good sample of items that show a cross-section of capabilities of our makers and our tools.  There should be some interactive items (games, things people can touch) to spark interest.  The objective is to have a variety of projects that showcase capabilities across the space - laser, CNC, sewing, 3d printing, crafting, welding, woodwork, etc. etc. etc.  Bonus points for projects that span capabilities - like the photo booth uses electronics/programming (raspberry pi), laser (acrylic enclosure), 3d printing (brackets, tripod mount)

Item type/area  
EquipmentTable Cloth 
Equipment20ft extension cord 





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