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  1. The Scheduling Committee suggests that a hyperlink to the Makersmiths YouTube Channel be placed on the Events and Classes page under the sentence that invites folks to view Makersmiths Facebook. This will the visitors to the Events and Classes page know where they can get on-demand content through our Makersmiths Youtube channel. 

  2. The hyperlink to the Makersmiths YouTube Channel on the Events and Classes page still has not been added. Also, people are showing up to Open Houses since at the bottom of that same page we have Open Houses and their times listed. On Tuesday May 19 and Thursday May 21 Diane left a phone message and direct messaged Maggie on Slack about these issues. Could someone on the BOD take care of this please?

  3. You will note in the minutes that Jennifer reached out to Maggie about the blurb on the bottom of each page of our site that we are still hosting Open Houses and we are not at this time. Could someone address this please? We have had people show up at both locations for an Open House and found no one at the sites. Please let the scheduling committee know any updates on requirements for hosting events at the sites. 

  4. Jessee will have two new member orientations (virtual) in July- dates are in the minutes. Dave Painter is giving one-on-one or very small group Red Tool training in MS-P. Brenda Bartholic asked if access for associates will continue beyond the end of July. Please discuss that and let my committee know, please. Thank you. DDP

  5. The Scheduling Committee will NOT meet in November but is scheduled to meet again on Thursday, Dec. 10 online at 6:30PM.

  6. This is just a reminder. The scheduling committee did not meet in November, but we took on the newsletter instead. It appears that the template created for us to use is not showing up appropriately on some smartphones. I removed the background anvil image, changed the formatting to smartphone only and resent it to John Dubelko and member, Andrew McKinney, to see if the formatting can be read on Andrew's phone. The original newsletter was sent on Friday, Nov. 27. Please let know what you think of the content. Thank you. 

  7. The Scheduling and Newsletter Committees met on Dec. 10, 2020 The minutes:

    Scheduling and Newsletter

    Committees Minutes

    December 10, 2020

    6:30-7:15 PM

    Attendance: Diane Painter, Brenda Bartholic, John Dubelko

    • Approved the October 2020 minutes
    • Old Business
    • Virtual Classes (Patrick’s hybrid Joints on the Table Saw and Router workshop had to be postponed to Dec 14 due to maintenance issue)
    • On-site workshops (Erin Werling is offering a new workshop on Cricut Basics on Dec. 12)
    • November newsletter highlighted member Ralph Pugh and his ORB project. Ralph hung the orb in the foyer at MS-L

     New Business

    • The governor’s new mandate now states that we must remain at home from midnight to 5am. There cannot be any more than 10 people in a public gathering. This does not seem to impact on our present guidelines.
    • Welding- Skip is offering a Welding Art workshop on Dec. 19- two sessions are on the calendar with an evening one planned if the morning and afternoon sessions fill.
    • Basic Red Tool Training hybrid course is in the works with virtual training via a website one evening and hands-on checkout with instructor the following weekend. The website URL will be unlisted and not searchable and set to show it to anyone with the link. Red Tool participants will obtain the URL once they register for the course.
    • Newsletter template- Jessee to redo it so that it can be easily read on Smartphones, tablets and computers. John will touch base with her to do that.
    • Scott Newman emailed to say, “On the web site and the Wiki it says Associate Members get a "Special Discount" on classes, and the Wiki says Full Members get a 25% Discount on classes.  Can you tell me what the "Special Discount" is?” We do not state this in the instructor manual.
    • Upcoming articles about members, projects, initiatives:

    December Newsletter

    The following articles are planned:

    Demian Pedroza ( featuring his Zoosmart puzzles initiative. Diane has his article with images

    Committee Chat: Dave will write an article about the newly formed maintenance committee

    Video highlight: Jim Waldron has a new video in our channel 2 X72 Grinder Instructions

    January Newsletter:

    David Lang will write an article regarding safety (Brenda B will work with him)

    John Dubelko and Dave Painter: Article regarding initiatives to determine committees and committee chairpersons

    Diane Painter will write a short update on Educational Initiatives:

    Currently there are three projects involving Makersmiths members:

    1. KidWind Solar Panel, coaches Diane Painter and Jennifer Chu
    2. Woodgrove HS Agriculture Research project, Mitre Corporate member, Shereef Sayed, serves as a mentor.
    3. Afterschool Drone Club at Hillsboro Academy- Scott Newman is assisting the school club sponsor and John Dubelko will serve as a content expert as needed.

    Minors in the space- WIKI in General Rules

    Rule #11 (Needs to be tweaked). Diane will look at it with Dave and give the Board input pertaining to classes with children and youth.

    Next meeting: January 21 at 6:30 PM

  8. The scheduling committee and newsletter committee are still combined until John Dubelko can find a member(s) interested in heading the newsletter. 

    Scheduling and Newsletter Committees Minutes

    January 21, 2021

    Attendance: Diane Painter, ennifer Chu, Anthony Lesink, John Dubelko, Brenda Bartholic, Jason Hill

    1) Approved the December 2020 minutes

    2) Old Business • Basic Red Tool Training hybrid course- offered three times with follow-up one-on-one hands-on tool check out. So far, Dave Painter reports that it appears to be an effective model.

    3) New Business

    • Welding- Skip Smith and Scott Newman want to offer couples welding classes in February. Because of the COVID-19 initiatives, no more than one couple could be in the space at this time. John Dubelko spoke to them about the small space to offer these classes to multiple couples, and the windy winter weather would make it hard to have welding classes outside. So we will postpone welding couples classes at this time.

    • Ceramics- Diane talked with Jason Hill about creating a hybrid ceramics (basic intro) course using Google sites. He is working on building a website to use with the course and will share it with Diane when it is ready within the week. This remote training would teach three basic techniques. The concept would be that folks will sign up- we provide materials- and then folks will have a video training to learn some basic techniques (pinch pots using only your hands; using a coil technique; and the slab technique). Each class will be in two parts (getting the clay item ready, glazing). Unfired clay can be kept in an airtight container until we have enough clay pieces to put in a kiln. In the future, Jason would like to pair ceramics with another maker class such as make a stamp that can be used to stamp designs on clay pieces.

    • Scott Newman- Diane spoke with Scott about the Member Committee and he will take charge of putting new member orientation classes on the calendar.

    • Anthony Lesink is now offering two microprocessor classes: Microprocessors and the Internet of Things and Introduction to Node-RED Microprocessor Automation. He can help build classes since he is a Wild Apricot admin. He teaches the classes online but provides kits to the participants. For this last class Anthony was able to deliver kits to participants if they were unable to pick them at our two sites.

    Newsletter Upcoming articles about members, projects, initiatives:

    January Newsletter

    Safety-David Lang’s article will emphasize safety practices in our spaces.

    Ag Research highlight- Shereef Sayed (Mitre Corporate Member) is mentoring two Woodgrove High School students who are working on an agriculture research project that involves their learning how to annotate images to help train a neural network that will distinguish between wheat plants and non-wheat plants such as weeds.

    President’s message-John will highlight membership numbers, COVID reminders, drones at Purcellville and the fact that we now own the laser cutter in Makersmiths-Leesburg.

    Chairman’s message:-Dave Painter will write an article after the January BoD meeting. Jon White will talk about how members can submit items to the BoD agenda that they want to be considered.

    We will also highlight David Lang’s published The Maker’s Project Notebook (You can see it here:

    Future newsletters: For February, Anthony will write a feature article about the intro microprocessor class. John suggested for March (Women’s History Month) that we feature women makers. Brenda will take the lead on that. She will contact Coz, Jennifer Chu, Jessee, Erin and Bev Murdock to put together an article.

  9. The Scheduling and Newsletter committees met Feb. 18. Highlights: Anthony created a class-workshop survey form for participants to fill out and give us feedback. He is tweaking it based on committee member suggestions and John and Anthony are looking into how to best send the form through WA. Scott Newman is starting virtual Open House tours and next month will provide feedback to the scheduling committee on how that is going. The newsletter committee will feature Anthony's microprocessor classes and Mark R's Officer Gentry's project in the Feb newsletter (going out at the end of the month) and in March, six women MS members will be featured since it is Women's History month!

    Scheduling and Newsletter Committees Minutes

    February 18, 2021 at 6:30pm-7:15 pm (Virtual)

    Attendance: Diane Painter, Jennifer Chu, Scott Newman, John Dubelko, Brenda Bartholic and Anthony Lesink

    1) Approved the January 21, 2020 minutes

    2) Old Business

    • Basic Red Tool Training courses- Mike DeWan is teaching the course in Leesburg and Dave Painter is doing a hybrid basic course in PVL and totally hands-on advanced course in PVL. Both instructors are having problems with no-shows. Diane sent a message to Scott Newman and Jessee Maloney to stress to new members the importance of getting in touch with instructors if they are not coming.

    • Ceramics- Diane messaged Jason Hill to find out about his creating a hybrid ceramics (basic intro) course using Google sites. He is working on building a website to use with the course.

    • Welding- Skip Smith held wine and welding classes that went well.

    • Soap classes- Diane taught an online soap-making workshop for 3 general public families and one member family. The kits were put together ahead of time for each family. Will offer the workshop again for Mother’s Day in May.

    3) New Business

    • Anthony Lesink- teaches Microprocessors and the Internet of Things and Introduction to Node-RED Microprocessor Automation. He has been requesting sessions for one person at a time. Anthony Lesink- Makersmiths’ Class survey (see Slack in our Scheduling Committee Channel) or see The form was tweaked after suggestions were made from committee members. John and Anthony will explore how send a link to class/workshop participants so they can respond to the form.

    • Virtual Open Houses- Scott Newman to report. The announcement states: This session is intended for new members, anyone interested in becoming a member and any established members with questions. Ask about your project, our resources or whatever is on your mind when it comes to making. These open houses will be held virtually through Google Meet, but the host will be in either the Purcellville or Leesburg location live, alternating bi-weekly.

    • John Dubelko will offer a laser cutter introduction course on Feb. 21 at 1pm at MS-L

    • Diane wrote to Skip to ask if he would offer a welding Red Tool class. He sent a message to the new member who is making this request.

    • John will talk to Jessee about adding reminders about attending a class and class refunds to be added somewhere in WA before people enroll.

    • John has instructors lined up for the UV Flatbed printer red tool training if we purchase this tool for MS-Leesburg. Next meeting: Scott will report on who the virtual open houses are going and John and Anthony will report on the survey form. February Newsletter Upcoming articles about members, projects, initiatives:

    • Focus on courses: Anthony Lesink will talk about his two microprocessor (online) courses.

    • Focus on member, Mark Richert, and his wheelchair ramp project that Jon White helped him with (CNC work) for Deputy Gentry.

    • President’s Message: John will describe the UV Flatbed Printer initiative and announce Melissa Kowalski will join our newsletter team in March and head the newsletter in April.

    • What’s new? Scott Newman is beginning to offer virtual open houses. March Newsletter- Women Makers (Jennifer Chu and Brenda B contacted 6 Makersmiths women makers and we now have six stories to highlight for the March newsletter. April Newsletter- Anders Ogelman will submit an article about coding music and what members are doing collaborative to create music. Newsletter committee members: Melissa Kowalski, head and Brenda Bartholic (temporarily) will join the committee. Diane will remain a member to submit news from the chairman.

    Next meeting: March, 18, 2020 at 6:30PM Meeting ID Phone Numbers (‪US‬) ‪+1 505-445-7171‬ PIN: ‪806 569 315#‬

  10. Scheduling Committee Minutes- March 18, 2021

    Attendance: Diane Painter, Scott Newman

    1) With only 2 members in attendance, we did not approve the Feb. 18, 2020 minutes. We will try to do so in April.

    2) Old Business

    • Ceramics- Diane messaged Jason Hill to find out about his creating a hybrid ceramics (basic intro) course using Google sites. He states, “Testing glazes this week. Should be ready to post [virtual classes] next week.

    • Blacksmithing- Jim Waldron held St. Patrick’s pin classes that went well.

    • Habitat for Humanity flower box workshop went well with three stations of youth working with 3 members, scattered in different locations in the woodshop at Purcellville.

    • Red Tool classes: two new members were trained in MS-P in basic and three in advanced classes in March. April Basic and Adv RT classes for MS-P will be April 16-18 and they are on the calendar. Mike DeWan is scheduling red tool training as needed (some March training sessions were held during the weekday during working hours).

    • Report on Virtual and Live Open Houses and new member classes- Scott Newman. Slow start but we will continue to see how they go. 3) New Business

    • New members Melissa Kang, Ryan Cool, and Aaron Short are asking for an introductory laser cutter class. Brenda and John D. mentioned in Slack he will arrange a class for the three folks.

    • Diane took images of the blacksmithing, MS-P Basic Red Tool hands-on training and the Habitat for Humanity workshop and sent them to Jessee and Scott for marketing. Jim stated in Slack he will offer more blacksmithing classes in April and wants ideas for projects.

    • Tom Hill created a new online CnC #1: Graphics Work class and 17 people enrolled for the Mar. 17 session. The CnC Machine set-up course follows on Mar. 24 with 10 people enrolled. After students complete this part 2 virtual course, they will need to schedule an in-person time with the instructor on another day to meet at Makersmiths-Leesburg location to demonstrate the set-up skill before operating the "Big Red" CnC machine on their own. The high number of enrollees illustrates a pent up demand from members to learn to use the CNC machines. We need more people willing to be instructors for this type of training.

    • Jim W posted in the video channel in Slack “how to” movies that the video committee will be working on: Jim’s hammer videos and Dave Painter’s casting video. When these are made available in the MS Youtube channel, these will be new sources of virtual training.

    • Purcellville Nonprofit expo- Mike Werling is asking for someone to head this. See

    Next meeting: April 22, 2021 at 6:30pm

  11. The April 22, 2021 Scheduling Committee Minutes

    Attendance: Diane Painter, Anthony Lesink, Brenda Bartholic, Jennifer Chu, Scott Newman

    1) Approved the March 18, 2020 minutes

    2) Old Business

    • Ceramics- Jason Hill is working on a Google site to go with virtual basic ceramics workshops.

    • Red Tool classes: planned for April and May

    • Update on class survey form Anthony will look for a post-class email letter to send to participants as a follow-up.

    • Report on Virtual and Live Open Houses and new member classes- Scott Newman is coordinating these. Michael James created a Google calendar for tour sign-ups so we can avoid large groups doing a tour. Jennifer will help give individual tours at MS-L and Stosh Kowalski will give tours at MS-P.

    3) New Business

    • MS-L Soldering workshop- Diane is working with Jessee to see why it kept changing from admin to live even though Diane set it at admin.

    • Jon White created a series of tour videos of Makersmiths. Melissa will highlight them in the newsletter.

    • Richard Scherziner volunteered to teach 3D printing classes. Diane made Michael James’ documents available to him and he is in touch with Michael James about the class. No word from them as to when they will be scheduled.

    • Robert Shirley volunteered to teach CAD classes and will work with Jim Waldron to coordinate those classes with Jim’s intro to the plasma cutter class (Purcellville location).

    • Skip held an introduction to welding workshop for Scouts on April 18.

    • On May 15, Jim and Skip worked together to do a combination welding-blacksmithing class to create a door handle. This class was held twice that day. Skip taught a stick welding class on May 8 and Jim is offering several Introduction to Gas Welding classes end of April and in May.

    • Tom Hill has been doing CNC check-outs using Big Red in MS-L.

    • Jessee added 4 laser cutter classes for April and May. Anthony is offering another electronics class later in April 29.

    • May 1- Makersmiths-Purcellville will host the Northern VA KidWind wind tunnel testing on May 1 from noon-4PM in the Green Room. About six teams from Northern VA schools and Makersmiths may be coming to MS-Purcellville to test their wind turbines. Each team will sign up for a 15 minute testing slot time. They will register through JMU that coordinates Kidwind-VA so we can keep the numbers of participants small in the Green Room.

    • May 8- Diane will offer a virtual soap-making workshop for Mother’s Day.

    • We need to be diligent in making sure that instructors plan events that respect the COVID-19 restrictions. We had one event planned that had to be turned into a virtual event when more than 3 people expressed interest.

    • Diane joined a private FB group called DIY, Nailed it or Failed it. Members are not to “promote” themselves but simply share what they made that they think nailed it or failed it. She posted pictures of the cabinets and countertop Dave made for their home pantry but subtly mentioned that he used the big sander at Makersmiths to smooth out the bowling alley wood that they got from Village Lanes when they tore out 10 lanes. The posting got many likes from members. MS members may want to showcase their DIY projects and mention using Makersmiths for any part of the process, but they need to subtly mention MS. The more MS is mentioned, the more ways we can get the word out about our organization.