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The goal is to schedule and conduct an event at Makersmiths to introduce Boy Scouts to the maker community. We can use food and activities to make it fun, include a tour of the facilities and impress upon scouts the possibilities, not only for what they can learn and do, but how they can apply that knowledge.

This event should be held twice a year (at a minimum) - once in Leesburg and once in Purcellville.

A first open house will be simple, with a basic tour, advertised through the troops mailing list at least a month in advance.

We will have a display of merit badge books (provided by Allon) for various maker arts.


We will have a speaker (tentative) to talk about adaptive technologies. The goal is to prompt scouts to think of applications for various maker skills, and ways that it can be helpful, providing service to others.


The first event is planned for _______

We will have scouts from Troop 1159 present to assist.

The basic flow will be:

Entrance -> front room to sign in, pick up a tour guide. Troop numbers and a count of members from said troop will be logged.

Groups will circulate to classroom, large CNC, metal shop, wood shop, small CNC room, electronics, laser cutter.

At the laser cutter, they will pick up laser-cut troop number key chains.

The following Makersmiths members will be present to help with the event:

  1. Check in- ___________________
  2. CNC - __________________
  3. Metal shop - _________________
  4. Wood shop - _________________
  5. Electronics - Allon Stern
  6. Laser cutter - _________________
  7. Floater - ____________________




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