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This checklist is not a substituent for proper training on the usage of the machine.  You are required to take an orientation and sign off class to use the Tormach.  Any un-authorized usage of this machine means that any damage to the machine is the responsibility of the un-authorized user.  This includes repair and replacement of any damaged parts.  This can be upwards to 25k if the machine is majorly damaged.

Please print this checklist and fill it out with each usage



Materials Cut:________________________________________________

Tools Used: (Others Not Listed Below)____________________________

  • T1
  • T2
  • T3
  • T4
  • T5
  • T6
  • T7
  • T8
  • T9
  • T10
  • T11
  • T12
  • T13
  • T14
  • T15
  • T16
  • T17
  • T18
  • T19
  • T20
  • T21
  • T22
  • T23
  • T24
  • T25
  • T26
  • T27
  • T28
  • T29
  • T30
  • T31
  • T32
  • T33
  • T34
  • T35
  • T36
  • T37
  • T38
  • T39
  • T40
  • T41
  • T42
  • T43
  • T44
  • T45
  • T46
  • T47
  • T48
  • T49
  • T50
  • T51
  • T52
  • T53
  • T54
  • T55
  • T56
  • T57
  • T58
  • T59
  • T60

Total Machine Time:___________________________________________

Folders Created:______________________________________________ 

Do you need to keep the folders Y/N

Date Folders Can be removed: (No more then 30 days)______________

Machine Setup

  • Check coolant level on the back of the machine.  If coolant is needed mix 4010 coolant stored in the bottom cabinet 4 cups water to 1/2 cup coolant.
  • Turn on Air compressor.  Red power knob on the side of the air compressor
  • Pull the oil choke out.  Note this in the log book.  This really only needs to be done every 8 hrs, so check the log book first
  • Power on machine.  Power knob is on the right had side of the machine.  Reach from the front of the machine
  • Once path pilot is upback 
    • Un estop the machine
    • Push green reset button on pendant
    • Select reset in path pilot
    • Ensure vise handle it in center hole 
    • Select RefX, RefY, RefZ

You are now ready to either run a conversational program or execute a gcode program created using fusion or other CAM program

Machine Usage

  • Setup Stock
    1. If using the vise
      1. Make sure that the stock is held securely and is set square to either a parallel bar or the bottom of the vise
      2. Make sure you CAM accounts for all fixtures and will not cut into the vise or vise jaws
    2. If using other fixture
      1. Use a substrate under your material to ensure you do not cut into the table.  A new replacement table is expensive and if damaged is the responsibility of the user to replace.
  • Measure and set X0, Y0, Z0 (Critical to success and not damaging the machine)
    1. Hamier Probe  (most accurate and preferred method)
      1. Insert Hamier probe into collet
      2. Move probe to Z0 as trained.  Make sure to move in slow movements to ensure you dont break the tip.  A broken tip is a $45 charge
      3. Set Z0
      4. Repeat for Y axis.  Remember to always have Y0 be the back jaw of the vise unless there is a reason to set Y in another location
      5. Repeat for X axis.  
    2. Manually
      1. Select the tool being used in path pilot
      2. Locate tool at X0, Y0, Z0 
      3. Update X0, Y0, Z0 in path pilot
  •  Load Gcode from USB drive or conversational program


Machine Shutdown

  • Remove tool from collet and replace with the the an empty tool holder.  Never leave the collet empty  this will damage the power drawbar and collet
  • Remove any parallels and other attachments from the vise and table
  • Clean all chips from the table and vise
  • Clean all chips from the baffels and back of the machine.  This might require moving the table to front and back of the machine
  • If the chips are deep in the pans use the chip scoop and trash can on the left hand side of the machine
  • Use the shop vac to clean chips from the trays.
  • EStop the machine
  • Select Exit in Path Pilot and wait for computer to allow for shutdown
  • Shutdown the machine using the power on the right hand side of the cabinet
  • Shut of the air compressor behind the machine



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