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  • 2G & 5G spectrum
  • MS-Members-2G and MS-Mebers-5G WPA2 Enterprise Authentication
    • See install directions for Windows below. Tablets/Phones/MAC so far have just worked.
    • Only available to Full or Associate members 
    • Username is your Wild Apricot email address
    • Password is the value you entered into your "WiFi Password" field within Wild Apricot in your personal profile settings.
  • MS-IoT - Internet of things WiFi. MAC Filtered. Contact Tech-Rat on Slack for new devices
  • MS-Guest - Guest zone. PSK will be changing daily and posted on a digital screen with in the space



Windows 7/10 WPA2 Instructions (Trusted CA Version - Prefered):

  • Download the Makersmiths Certificate Authority: makersmiths_ca.crt (Download and Save)
  • Double click the certificate file you just downloaded
  •  Click "Install Certificate"
  •  Click Next
  •  Place the new certificate in the "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" store
  •  Click Finish
  •  Verify the hash matches the one in the picture and click Yes
  •  Click OK
  • Now try to join the MS-Members-2G  or  MS-Members-5G  network


Windows 7/10 WPA2 Instructions (Ignore certificate checks):

  • If the above prefered method fails manually add the WiFi network and ignore certificate validation
  • Open Control Panel
    • Open Network and Internet
      • Manage Wireless Networks
  •  Click Add
  •  Click "Manually create a network profile"
  • Network name: MS-Members-2G or MS-Members-5G
    Security Type: WPA2-Enterprise
    Encryption type: AES
  •   Click on "Change connection settings"
  •  Click on "Settings"
  •  Uncheck "Validate server certificate"
  • No connect to MS-Members-2G  or  MS-Members-5G network
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