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In general all the stationary tools within the woodworking and red room are labeled with a training level

  • Green training required - These tools are available for usage by anyone that has attended the green training class.
  • Yellow training required - These tool require a yellow class or a sign off by another member that has received yellow level training.
  • Red training required - These are tools that can seriously injure the operator including amputation or death or expensive tool repair it miss-used or used without training.  The red tool class will be held monthly and is a couple hour class covering safe operation.  If you want to use a red tool without training please contact a red tool trained person from the list below.  This list will be kept up to date as more people become certified

Red tool trained people

Sections below contain list of tools and links to our Google Drive repository of manuals and tool information.  Manufacturer link provided where possible for more information (or for those without access).



Wood Shop

Floor Tools

ToolBrandModelManual LinkManufacturer LinkNotes
Table SawSaw StopCNS175

Band Saw, 14"GrizzlyG5666

Band Saw 17"GrizzlyG0513

Planer 13"DewaltDW735

Jointer 6"Delta37150

Drum SanderPerformanx22-44 Plus

Table SanderRigidEB44242

Router Table LiftJessem

Router Table SpindleMilwaukee

Compound Slinding Miter Saw 12"RigidMS1290LZ

Drill PressRyobiDP101

Dust CollectorDelta50-760

Air Compressor 5HP 22galCraftsman919.16501

Dust Collector 3HPShop FoxW1687

New equipment 2020.  Larger capacity collector, but cannot use until power can be supplied

New equipment Dec. 2020, will replace Grizzly.  Need specific model #
Scroll Saw

Hand Tools


Biscuit Joiner

Power Plane

Orbital SanderBlack & Decker

Old model, switch is a little buggy

Turning Room

ToolBrandModelManualManufacturer LinkNotes
Midi Lathe with Bed ExtensionRikon70-220 VSR

Midi LatheRikon70-220 VSR

Midi LatheDelta46-250

Air FiltrationJetAFS-1000B


Sharpening JigWolverine

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