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Website, Design & Maintenance Committee Notes: May 2021

Jessee Maloney & Maggie Toth

Completed Tasks:

  • Split the About us page in to multiple pages: The "get to know us" page was split into several pages including one for Leesburg, Purcellville, Frequently Asked Questions and more. This was to help potential members navigate the website easier and so we could add more information without it becoming overwhelming. We are noticing people are spending more time on pages now than they did before, so I think it's working.
    • Time Spent: 3.5 Hours
  • New About Us Page to be used as landing page from online ads and articles: This was a request from the Marketing Committee who wanted a new landing page that describes right away what we are, who we are, what kind of equipment we have, upcoming events and more. This way we can 1) give prospective member who clicked an ad or article on Facebook as much info as possible in one place. 2) we can see how many hits the page has since it won’t be in the menu and only viewed from the link.
    • Time Spent: 1 hour.
  • Update stewards list on website: I have started updating this list on both the website and the New Member Orientation slides but need a definite list.
    • Time Spent: 20 minutes
  • Multiply Pages have been updated throughout the website: When the mask mandate was lifted we made sure all pages mentioning it were updated, so there was no confusion
    • Time Spent: 1.25 hours
  • Post Pandemic and the New Normal Page: Scott and I worked on adding a new page about how things have changed and how things have stayed the same. We added the letter from John sent to members as well as a list of everything amazing we did during the pandemic. This was to be used when sending info to news outlets.
    • Time Spent: 1.5 hours

In Progress Tasks:

  • Adding Calendars for Other Heavily Used Tools: Jessee is working on adding calendars for the Big Blue, Big Red, Tormach and upcoming Flatbed UV Printer. Testing has already started and she is still working on making it as easy for everyone involved and to make sure there are no glitches before putting them live.
    • Updated since April: Ian Dillingham has offered to help write scripts to automate this process.
    • Updated since May: They will be going live very soon, so expect an announcement.
    • Time Spent So Far: 2.5 Hours
  • Refresh the slideshow on the TV’s in both locations: Covid rules, new classes and upcoming events
    • Time Spent So Far: 25 minutes
  • Full Member Request Form: new form is done and just needs to be embedded and email recipients added
    • Updated since April: Waiting to see if this is exactly what the membership committee and board wants, or if they would prefer a different way
    • Time Spent So Far: 30 minutes
  • Various Committee Requests & Ideas Forms: After the Website Committee set up their form, it was suggested that each committee be given the chance to also have a form and a sub folder in Members Only Content
    • Update: Website and Newsletter committee added. Marketing committee doesn't want one.
    • Time Spent So Far: 45 minutes
  • List of Committees Page was Added to the Website: As part of the push to get more people to volunteer on committees, an entire section about them was added to the Members Only Content on the website. This page lists all of the current committees, their chairperson, members, meeting times, purpose and more. Since we are relying on each committee chair to provide the information (better than guessing and searching it out) this will be an ongoing project until everyone submits a response.
    • Time Spent So Far: 1.5 hours

To-Do List:

  • Update the About Us Page with info that Diane P. put together
  • Refresh the slideshow on the website front page
  • Refresh the flyer for upcoming events now that we are getting vaccinated: New tour times/dates, open houses, etc
  • New photos/designs for possible facebook ads: Targeted ads for when we reopen
  • Update Leesburg Map: in progress Cosplay area needs added, as well as the small CNC room switched to the Member Storage Area


Please direct future to-do list items here:

instead of sending a SLACK message or email. This way we can keep better records in a spreadsheet. Also, if you don’t ask, it may not get done, we are not mind readers over here (smile)!!

Also, please note that large projects may require a virtual meetup. We both work from home and are open to different times and days.

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