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Website, Design & Maintenance Committee Notes: May 2021

Jessee Maloney & Scott Newman

Completed Tasks:

  • Multiple Pages have been updated throughout the website: When we were updating the website for new membership levels, we noticed other changes and updated them as well.
    • Time Spent: 20 minutes
  • New Signs for the Leesburg Location: Many signs have been requested over the last few months, so Jessee used the new Roland UV Printer and made them. This will be an ongoing project, but for now there are new signs talking about the Leesburg garden area, a sign about not dumping sawdust in said garden, A sign stating only wood to be cut in woodshop, hanging signs in the hallways pointing to each room, Signs with the Youtube QR code and link, an events link with QR Code and a new window cling in the window under the stop light with updated open house night times.
    • Time Spent: 5 hours
  • New Open House Flyer/ Window Cling: Jessee slightly redesigned the Open House Flyer to show the new times and to take off the Friday open house. The window cling is almost the same design, just meant for a clear window.
    • Time Spent: 1.5 Hours
  • New Open House Vinyl: Jessee, with the help of Michael James, designed and assembled new Open House Yard Signs and Sandwich Board for Leesburg to be used during any of our open house nights/days.
    • Time Spent: 1 Hour

In Progress Tasks Pertaining to the Membership Changes:

  • Combing the website for any mention of membership levels : Jessee and Scott have set up a spreadsheet that lists every single page on the website, who is working on it and what needs to be changed.
    • Time Spent So Far: 3 Hours
  • Duplicating any page that mentions membership levels and prepping it for the changeover : Jessee and Scott have started duplicating all the website pages that need to be changed over on August 1st and duplicated them. The duplicate page will be help in the "not in menu" section of the website and can be easily switched over to the real page without interruption on August 1st..
    • Time Spent So Far: 4 Hours
  • Redoing all signs that mention membership levels: Jessee has been requesting people check over both locations to check for sign changes that need to be made on August 1st. Most Signs have already been designed and will be printed on Friday and installed Sunday morning.
    • Time Spent So Far: 3 Hours
  • Brochure Redesign: Jessee and Scott went over the brochure and made changes live over video chat. The new brochures cover all new equipment and new membership levels. We just need to tweak the spelling and grammar and a bit and they are ready to go.
    • Time Spent So Far: 4.5 Hours

In Progress Tasks:

  • Adding Calendars for Other Heavily Used Tools: Jessee is working on adding calendars for the Big Blue, Big Red, Tormach and upcoming Flatbed UV Printer. Testing has already started and she is still working on making it as easy for everyone involved and to make sure there are no glitches before putting them live.
    • Updated since April: Ian Dillingham has offered to help write scripts to automate this process.
    • Updated since May: They will be going live very soon, so expect an announcement.
    • Updated since June: This process turned out to be harder than Jessee orginally thought and it has since been handed over to Jonathan Skeate who is writing the google codes from scratch and should have working calendars very soon.
    • Time Spent So Far: 7 Hours
  • Refresh the slideshow on the TV’s in both locations: Covid rules, new classes and upcoming events
    • Updated Since June: I have also added on new information about new member orientation, ceramics and the resin 3d printers.
    • Time Spent So Far: 1 hour
  • Full Member Request Form: new form is done and just needs to be embedded and email recipients added
    • Updated since April: Waiting to see if this is exactly what the membership committee and board wants, or if they would prefer a different way
    • Updated since June: this is no longer needed due to the change in membership levels
    • Time Spent So Far: 30 minutes
  • Various Committee Requests & Ideas Forms: After the Website Committee set up their form, it was suggested that each committee be given the chance to also have a form and a sub folder in Members Only Content
    • Update: Website and Newsletter committee added. Marketing committee doesn't want one.
    • Time Spent So Far: 45 minutes
  • List of Committees Page was Added to the Website: As part of the push to get more people to volunteer on committees, an entire section about them was added to the Members Only Content on the website. This page lists all of the current committees, their chairperson, members, meeting times, purpose and more. Since we are relying on each committee chair to provide the information (better than guessing and searching it out) this will be an ongoing project until everyone submits a response.
    • Time Spent So Far: 1.5 hours
  • Update Leesburg & Purcellville Map: in progress Cosplay area needs added, as well as the small CNC room switched to the Member Storage Area in Leesburg and The Purcellville map has the buildings switched and the gate shown as well as the road. Both maps will be reprinted for each location.
    • Time Spent: 1 hour

To-Do List:

  • Update the About Us Page with info that Diane P. put together
  • Refresh the slideshow on the website front page
  • Refresh the Front Page as a whole
  • New photos/designs for possible facebook ads: Targeted ads for when we reopen


Please direct future to-do list items here:

instead of sending a SLACK message or email. This way we can keep better records in a spreadsheet. Also, if you don’t ask, it may not get done, we are not mind readers over here (smile)!!

Also, please note that large projects may require a virtual meetup. We both work from home and are open to different times and days.

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