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Any use of the Makerspace, however small, requires cleanup. This is not just a matter of common courtesy, but one of safety as well.

If you make even one quick use of a tool, clean with broom and vacuum wherever debris might fall, inspecting for problems with equipment. Put down protective material and clean up spills of any kind quickly. If making extended use of a tool, stop to clean up debris and organize tools frequently during your work. Break up your job into logical parts and have only the necessary tools at hand. If a tool is broken, mark it clearly so others will not accidentally use it, and tell the owner or shop steward. If leaving a work area with unfinished work, organize and mark the work, put away all unused tools, and clean up all debris before leaving.

We do this for the following reasons:

  • Wood and metal shavings can easily penetrate skin and lead to infection.
  • Debris not removed during a job can lead to accidents, damaged work pieces, and damaged tools.
  • Paint and glue not cleaned up can damage other people's tools and furniture (most things are NOT owned by Makersmiths!)
  • Tools not kept orderly during a job can lead to accidents in many ways.
  • The act of cleaning can lead to discovery of problems impacting safety and tool life.
  • Debris that builds up inside and around a tool can turn an ember dropped during an improper cut into a full on fire.
  • Missing tools provide an incentive for people to improvise which leads to damaged work and accidents.
  • Debris from a previous job can contaminate the next person's part, leading to scratched paint, cutting errors, tool failure, etc. 

And finally, there is nothing less cool than not being able to find tools or having to clean up someone else's mess, because the shavings they thought were minor will mar your work if they touch it.

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