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Approval of Last Months meeting notes -Approved

Membership Report

59 Members with 30 paying members

Review of the "Associates" program

  • List of steps in the agenda below Mark R Millsap please attach agenda


Book Keepers Report

  • Cash ~25,000 - 27,000
  • Basic monthly run rate expenses ~5,000
    • Major Expenses
      • Space 1
      • Space 2 for storage
      • Laser cutter
  • Need a forecast
    • Recieved a forcast a board member and need to adjust this for the real world operational expenses. 
    • Setup meeting for preparing the forcast for the long term
  • Need to get the laser cutter agreement for the taxes
  • Having outside CPA firm perform a audit of the tax return.
  • Tax return for 2015 needs to be done to include with 501(c)3 application
  • Opened space with 30k in the bank and have spent very little.  
    • Pat's focus has not been on membership lately.  
    • K2M 5k
    • If we sold the belt sender estimate is 15-20k
    • Motor from berryville is worth 3-5k

Equipment Updates

  • Donations of tools from anonymous donor - Pat
  • Donations of 'makerspace in a box' from upstate NY - Pat
  • Purchase of Groton vertical mill - Pat
  • Purchase of Equipment from a forge that has gone out of business in the area.
  • Downgrades
    • How to sell stuff - Who can lead? When can we do this? What the best way?

Proposed Upgrades/Needs

  • Refurbishments & Upgrades to Laser Cutter - New Lens & Air Assist Compressor and Filter ~660 - John or Craig
    • DIY kit for the compressor is around 400 ish
    • Lens is around 250 ish
    • Laser training 
      • Scheduling send email to email address to reserve time
      • 2hrs per day
      • Can schedule up to 4 hrs a day, but someone can take the spot if needed
      • 8hrs per week
      • Pricing
        • 1 hrs free per month
        • $4.00 per hour 
          • Pat is proposing 10-15 per hour based upon other research
        • Scheduled hours are billed
        • Update wiki with laser printer information
        • Associate
          • 1 hrs free
        • Non-members 
          • 45 per hour
      • There was discussion about the laser pricing and usage
        • $4 - Members
        • $16 - Associate
        • $40 - Non-member
    • Vote on upgrades passes
  • Purchase of Metal Shear/Break/Roll  ~2200 plus shipping Brad/Sean
    • Motion to purchase once we have cash available
    • Revisit at the next members meeting


  • Technology Infrastructure Update - Mike or Todd
    • Setup a network attached storage device
    • Coming up with policy's 
    • Hoping to have core makersmiths files in a central location
    • Hoping to have a space where everyone can access file remotely and securely
    • Want the process to be easy
    • Can also run virtual machines
    • Currently running DNS and DHCP on a  VM on the NAS
  • Makersmiths Wild Apricot Update ( - Mark
    • Using wild apricot for membership management
    • Realize that the front page does not match the colors of the main site

Program Updates

  • 501(c)3 application status - Pat of Colleen
    • Once tax return is done it can be submitted
  • Maker Faire - Booth at March 13th event - Brad or Mike W
    • Mike gave update on faire
  • BAE Engineers now corporate member sponsors - Pat
    • Eddie and Pat
  • K2M engineers joining as corporate members - Pat or Mark
    • Start showing up any day

New Programs

  • Cub scout helps out - Dens looking for sponsor members, ideas for programs to do with cubs
  • Hosting "Envision East Market Quadrant" Town of Leesburg Planning/Zoning Meeting morning of April 23rd

Strategy/Long term Updates

  • Town of Purcellville - Council Meeting April 14th? - Tom 
  • Status of 208 King Street - Sam

New Members

  • Faris Shaikh
  • Josh Palay

Discussion, Q&A

  • Open house hours, Proctor for evenings and weekends?


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