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To plot to the plotter, see the Poster at Purcellville. There are also some helpful files here regarding changing the paper.

NOTE: Changing the paper is finicky, it can take several tries. Just try to roll it tight on the roll and then roll the paper slowly into the printer. You will here a beep and it will grab the paper. It will then take a bit to check it to see if it is straight, if not, it will kick it out and you try again.

Once the paper loads, it will confirm the paper type. If you have put in a different type, make sure to select that paper from the list. It makes a big difference in performance and smearing of your print.

Driver can be downloaded at

You will also want the HP Instant Print software. It makes printing Certain files very easy. (PDF or image formats)

Microsoft Products WARNING: I am a big fan of Microsoft Publisher, but when you print from any Microsoft product you will be limited to about 4 feet, sometimes less. I don't know why, but it has always been the case. To get around this Look at the procedure at the bottom of this page.

Here is the main HP Site for Information

Some of the HP Support Files

Microsoft Products Workaround

  • Create a custom page in your printer driver for the actual size you want the printout. For this example we will use 24" x 96" (2'x8').
    • To do this go into Printers and Scanners/Click on the T610 and select Manage
    • Select Printer Preferences and go to the Page/Quality tab
    • You will see a custom Button, click that.
    • Enter a name of 24x96, Page Width will always be your smaller number, Page Height is your larger number
    • Click SAVE and OK
    • Now create additional custom sizes as determined by the process below.
  • Now create a page that is only 48" (4') long and the other side would be proportional.
    • Use the formula, 48 x <small size of desired> / <Length of desired>
    • In our example it would be 48 * 24 / 96 = 12
    • That is now the dimensions of the canvas that you will create on (12x48)
  • When you go to print, there is a Tab for Features
    • Under Features select Print On
    • Select your Desired print size (in our case 24x96)
    • The printer will scale the print to the desired size
    • As the print starts to come out of the printer, just do a quick measurement of the width to make sure everything is coming out ok.

Additional Example

  • Let's say you want a poster that is 2' x 5'
  • Now our formula is 48 * 24 / 60 = 19.2"
  • Now our custom pages would look like these
  • Remember to SAVE after entering each new page size.
  • When you go back to the page size, at the very bottom you should see something like this


hpdjt1100serieswx64gl.exe - Driver Software (Yes, the 1100 and 610 use the same driver)

HPInstantPrintingApp.exe - Easy App for printing to the plotter.

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