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Inkscape is a great free program for vector drawing, but it doesn't support 'printing' directly from it to the Makersmiths lasercutter.  So if you want to use Inkscape to draw, you need to make sure that it is correctly prepared to open in Corel Draw so that you can 'print' on the laser.  When saving a file from Inkscape for import into Corel Draw, you need to do the following:

  1. In order to make the vector cut and vector engrave lines (pure red and pure blue by default respectively) work between Inkscape and Corel Draw:
    • Set the line thickness in Inkscape to 0.0256 mm or thinner or 0.001 inch or thinner. 
    • Only with these thicknesses will Corel Draw recognize the lines as "hairline" thickness and cut/engrave accordingly. 
      • A line this thin can be hard to see in Inkscape but you can make the line thicker while you are working, then reduce it prior to saving and taking it to Corel Draw. 
      • The V1.0 of Inkscape, currently in Beta is supposed to fix this issue.
    • Alternatively you can always save your per the instructions below and change the line to hairline when you get it into Corel Draw.
  2. Make sure that all text is converted to a path using the Object to Path command under the Path menu before saving. 
    • A good process is to do all of your design and text work first 
    • Save your image as a .SVG, 
    • Save a second copy "<Filename> post OTP" which indicates that you've done the Object to Path conversion for text. 
    • Not saving a copy before you complete the Object to Path conversion makes it more difficult to go back and change the text later without having to recreate your text.
  3. In order to reduce the issues with opening an Inkscape SVG in Corel Draw, 
    • Complete all of your design work and save your file from Inkscape as Enhanced Metafile (*.EMF) from the Save As menu. 
    • Open the .EMF file in Corel Draw.  This appears to work every time when other file formats are hit/miss.
    • If you see a starburst type of pattern when you open the file in Corel Draw, this is normally caused by forgetting to complete the Object to Path on text before savings as a .EMF file.
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