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Current Task List

  • Finish removal of electrical cabinet on lower buildingbackside(Squirrl)
  • Repair air compressor hose to mat cutter connection
  • Create service area around picture framing equipment and material 
  • Make space for the equipment in Berryville that's slated to arrive in Purcellville around 10/16
  • demo old studs in North wall
  • reframe north wall with 2x6’s
  • strip off old metal siding
  • install new sheathing and Tyvek house wrap
  • re-frame Bathroom
  • re-frame West wall of multipurpose room
  • remove East wall (front wall of building)
  • frame new East wall with new windows and new door
  • run 2x4’s on bottom of roof trusses to support new drywall ceiling
  • move Electrical panel to new location,
  • install new electrical boxes for lights, switches, and receptacles
  • run wiring
  • install drywall on ceiling
  • to move woodworking tools into position in woodworking room
  • make three workbenches for woodworking room
  • install insulation in walls and ceiling
  • hang drywall.
  • finish drywall
  • Paint new drywall
  • Make workbench for Frame shop to include storage for sheets of glass
  • Replicate threaded leg for frame cutter extender

Wish list  (these are all pending budget approval, so this is truly a wish list at this time.

  • I wish for some people to add their wishes for Purcellville here
  • Get blacksmithing up and running (doesn't require power)
  • Power to the mat cutter bay for testing  (for picture framing) 
  • Mobile (standing height) work table for framing area

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