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Current Task List

  • Clean up the back hallway/library area.  All magazines on the shelves marked with green tape can be recycled and the book cases can be broken down and removed
  • Move all equipment manuals in the library downstairs so they can be paired with the test equipment that is being sold.  This is all on one bookshelf not marked with green tape
  • Move all computers in the back office by the metal room into the room we are collecting computers into.  This is the room next to the electronics room
  • Clean remaining items out of the office by the metal room.  Foam is trash, bookself is trash and the desk needs to be broken down (75% done by Dave Painter, needs finalization)
  • Take all batteries to battery warehouse for recycling
  • Move Cisco TV/TelePresence to the front reception area (Squirrl task, Squirrl has the dolly needed for this, will need 1-2 lifters plus Squirrl)
  • Consolidate and organize the items in the third office.  Steve has moved his items out, so now we need to consolidate this office.  All paper products can be recycled and the furniture removed. 
  • Organize the components in the cabinets and boxes in the second office.  The cabinets can then be moved for disposal or reuse (Currently low priority)
  • Move all test equipment from the back office into the basement and organize/consolidate the bench in this office.  
  • Empty the last office and bookshelves Leave the computer and bookshelves for now (ETA next week 8/7/2017)
  • Organize the tools currently on the electronics bench and move to basement
  • Mow and weed wack the backyard
  • Secure or replace loading dock boards on the front brick. 
  • Move Allon's sorted components to third office on right  
  • Move 3D printers to front office
  • Modify tall table in front office to match height of lower table (Brad)
  • Sort Ted's office into trash/recycle and break down book cases
  • Carpet reception area, several very heavy lifts involved to clear the area before removal of old carpet and installation of new
  • Cleanup and Organize the general purpose room. Clean the bench tops

  • Take the bins returned from Hamfest to he basement

  • Move the Metal working machines to their new home (Requires @davepainter )

  • Move power to new metal machine location (requires @davepainter )

  • Take all the trash from the wood working room wall demo to the dump (requires a trailer @brandon or @squirrl78 ?)

  • Pull up remaining vinyl in the wood room, sweep and mop the floor

  • .If the computers are still there we need to load onto a trailer and move to berryville @pat is trying to get them picked up sooner. They are all ready to go since we removed all the harddrives. They are up for grabs if anyone wants anything in that room

  • Frame out the doorways between the electronic room and the wood room (Dave Hanson would be a good person to task

  • Move all woodworking tools into the wood room

  • Cleanup the electronic room and prep for new flooring


Wish list  (these are all pending budget approval, so this is truly a wish list at this time.

  • New floor in the front multi-purpose room
  • Removal of walls to expand the metal room.  pending landlord approval and demo permit
  • Removal of wall to expand the wood room.  Pending landlord office cleanout, approval and demo permit
  • New carpet in all carpeted areas.   We have the carpet, but need to clean the rooms first
  • Fixing the bathroom.  Pending finding cheap vanity and toilet.  Watching restore and craigslist
  • Fume extractor for the laser cutter (Allon/Todd/Brad/John/Jessie)
  • Stools for seating.  Options such as this  (Jessie)
  • Adjustable, pull down lights (ceiling) for close-in/small craft work above work tables. Need lighting without the safety hazards of floor extension cords. (Pam)
  • Defog or replace windows flanking foyer doors. (Pam)
  • Door chime which can be turned on/off as needed.  Ring throughout whole building if on.
  • Door bell which can be heard in back rooms if front is locked.

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